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Levant Mine and East Pool Mine in Cornwall


My husband and I are visiting the Cornwall area this May.

We are very interested in history as well as love to see factories, mines, etc that are working.

We are considering visiting Levant Mine and Beam Engine as well as East Pool Mine.

I would love to hear about other peoples' experiences seeing these mines.

Is one much better than the other?

Can you tour both of them?

Are both of them working?

We are members of the United States branch of National Trust which I believe runs both of these.

Thank you in advance for any and all comments you might have about these.


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We visited both sites and found them very interesting , The East Pool mine site is somewhat more varied insofar as there are more artifacts on display , as I recall . The Levant Beam Engine was restored by volunteers in the early 1990's and is a site to behold . Check the National Trust for times of operation . Do some reading and homework about the industrial revolution , the history of tin and copper mining in Cornwall , and learn about Richard Trevithick . The more you know before your visit , the richer your experience will be , The Levant site is off the B3306 in Pendeen , and the site , windblown and desolate , with the ruins of the mine infrastructure , is a truly evocative place . Also a short hike from there to the Northwest is the Geevor mine , which was active into the 1950's and well worth a visit . East Pool is on Agar Road , off the A3407 between Redruth and Camborne . These places will give you a feel for part of Cornwall that many visitors miss , much to their loss.

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Hi Steven,

Thank you very much for your information! I really appreciate hearing all about the mines. I didn't realize that you could walk in between them. That sounds like something my husband and I would really like to do.

I thought I had read that the Levant mine was restored by volunteers. My husband and I are so excited about getting to visit both of them!! Thank you so much for mentioning Richard Trevithick. I had never heard of him before. I have only taken a VERY quick look at him in Wikipedia; he sounds very interesting and rather influential in the Cornish tin mines. I look forward to reading alot more about him before we go.

Thank you again for all of your information!!


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Not just in the Cornish mines. A dab hand at railway locomotive design too.

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As Nigel says ! If you can make your way to Telford , The Blists Hill Museum has a full scale replica of the " Coalbrookdale " locomotive that can be seen in operation , quite a sight .

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Thank you both Steven and Nigel,

It makes Mr. Trevithick all the more interesting to me. I look forward to reading more about him.

We weren't planning on going to Telford, but I'll check the town out and see if we might be able to add it to our itinerary..

Thanks again!

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You might also wish to consider visiting 'Big Pit' at Blaenavon in south east Wales. This is a disused coal mine which has now been opened up for tourists as part of the Welsh Museum service = free!
This is where the industrial revolution started.

You could also visit in SE Wales >

Just to the north of Blaenavon is the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park.

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Hi James,

Thank you very much for these suggestions!!

I'm not sure we can get to them this year, but they certainly sound interesting for a future trip!!! I will read more about them!

I really appreciate your ideas!!