Left luggage in Durham

We will be traveling by train from Edinburgh to York. I would love to stop in Durham for a few hours to visit the cathedral. But I can't see any indication on the National Rail website that there would be a place to leave our wheelies while we go into town. Does anyone have information about Durham station, or an alternative suggestion on where to stash our bags?
Thanks, jan

Posted by emma
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I'm not 100% sure but I doubt there is a left luggage facility at Durham station. I certainly haven't seen one at other stations of similar size. There isn't the demand and left luggage lockers were removed from stations for security reasons.

One warning is that if you have a through train ticket from Edinburgh to York you won't be allowed to break your journey at Durham by leaving and re entering the station. They way to do it would be to get two separate tickets Edinburgh to Durham and then Durham to York.

Posted by Marco
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Can you jig your schedule and stay overnight before carrying on? The journey from Durham to York can in itself cost as little as £7.30 advance single.

Posted by Nigel
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When you go to the National Rail webpage click on Stations at the top of the page and fill in Durham.

You will get http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/stations/DHM/details.html which if you click the 4th tab down, "Staffing and General Services" would, if it were there, show any left luggage facilities. It doesn't list it, therefore it is not offered.

In the icons at the top of the page, BTW, if services are black, often with a detail speech bubble, they are offered; if gray they are not available.

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Thanks, Folks. I did go through that process on the National Rail website before I started this thread. There were no luggage storage facilities listed but then, neither were such facilities listed for Edinburgh and Rick's Scotland book mentions them near a Platform 2. So I was hoping that perhaps the website was incomplete. Alternatively, I also hoped that perhaps someone knew about another nearby option for short-term luggage holds. Oh, well. Thanks anyway!

Posted by Laura
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You might email the storage question to visitor@thisisdurham.com and ask about the bus station (near the train station, marked on Rick's map) or other "friendly" businesses nearby.

Posted by emma
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I would be more inclined to believe an official website than a book because a website is more easily updated than a book, although none are infallible!
For example, they have been doing a lot of building work at Edinburgh Waverley station so the facility could be temporarily out of action which obviously wouldn't be mention in a book. In the case of Edinburgh it looks like the left luggage is now by platform 19. I'm sure someone who has been there recently can confirm.

This website might be useful to other people looking for left luggage facilities in the UK. I'm afraid they are limited! Just not worth the risk ( or expense! ) to the travel companies who used to supply them.


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Thanks, Folks. I followed Laura's suggestion and emailed the Durham tourism office. They sent this speedy reply:
"Unfortunately there are no left luggage facilities in Durham City. The lockers at the railway station were closed a number of years ago and the service was not re-located.

There is a shuttle bus from the city centre up to the area of the Castle and Cathedral so you would not have to carry your luggage up the hill and if you were to do a Castle tour, you can leave your luggage while you do the tour. Also while visiting the Cathedral, if you were to visit the tower, they have a left luggage facility there."

So, there's the answer. Thanks all for helping me get to it.