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Leeds worth a look around?

I’m traveling from Grassington to Skipton to Leeds and onto York where I have a hotel booked for 3 nights.

I was thinking of walking around Leeds for a few hours before my train to York. Or should I just get on to York?

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I have not been to Leeds but did see it on TV recently and it looked like it had some interesting Victorian buildings. So, maybe worth a look if in the area. If you do have a look around, perhaps you can come back and say whether or not it was worth it?

The National Railway Museum in York is well worth seeing - even if you are not a train geek. York Minister (cathedral) is massive and very impressive.

You will be an expert on Britain by the time you return home!

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The Royal Armouries Museum is probably the major site in Leeds. it's perhaps a little specialised so may or may not attract you. Leeds Art Gallery is worth a visit and there are a range of fine Victorian shopping arcades as well.

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Leeds has apparently been spruced up a bit since I was there in the seventies. It was a horrible place then.

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If you've heard of Leeds Castle and want to go there, it's nowhere near Leeds.
Leeds Castle is southeast of London, in Kent, near Maidstone.
Just thought I'd mention that.

If it were my trip, I'd skip Leeds and put that time onto one of the many other destinations we've discussed in your threads.

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The other alternative would be to catch a train the long way round from Leeds to York- the ones via Harrogate and Knaresborough. On the departure boards they are advertised as going to Poppleton (the station before York) to stop people who just want to go to York on a fast train boarding them by accident.
If one or the other grabbed me that bit more it would be Knaresborough to get off at. But it's a narrow edge over Harrogate.

If you saw the movie A Very British Christmas 18 months ago (A Very Yorkshire Christmas in the UK) you will recognise Knaresborough immediately.

And, yes, there is a ruined Castle there.

That's not to say there is anything wrong with Leeds. At Leeds if you go out of the new exit (the one at the far end of the platforms) you come straight out to the Canal basin, and the Leeds water bus.
Your ticket lets you have as many stops as you want. You could also pause at Bingley to see the Bingley 5 rise staircase locks (one of the wonders of the UK inland waterway system) and or Saltaire (Titus Salt's model workers village- a world heritage site). With a train every 30 minutes this is all easy, except for wrangling your luggage. At Bingley the locks are straight behind the station. At the others you may need a stasher type service. Leeds Station does have a left luggage office- according to LNER £3 for 3 hours-but that is way out of date. It is currently £7.50 for 3 hours.

At Harrogate Stasher use the Convention Centre, at the bottom end of the High Street- almost opposite the Agatha Christie Hotel (where she stayed when she went 'missing').

I'm not sure of anywhere near Knaresborough, but I am used to handling my luggage during such short layovers.

If you didn't go to Betty's Tea Rooms in Ilkley today Harrogate would be another good chance to do so.

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As the youtube sketch has it ( george whitebread)
" Don't talk to me about sophistication ,I've BEEN to Leeds"

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For some reason I forgot about my luggage. I don’t have much but I don’t want to drag it around.
I think I should just get in to York. I’m anxious to see it.

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Hi abbeygurl -

Leeds has it charms (I’m born and raised there, a proper ‘Loiner’) but it’s hardly tourist central (there’s plenty who would dispute that, but….) and really you’re better heading for York with its ‘on display and in your face’ history. In fact I’ve just come home from York, despite the A64 main road being arbitarily closed for some sort of maintenance and involving a hilariously huge detour via Harrogate to get north west of Leeds.

In much the same vein as Richard:
- just a few of the places you can visit when road maintenance takes you on a magical mystery tour! “From North Sea to Cornholme, we call it all home…..”

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That's smart.
And yes ,I have forwarded it to some like minded folk.

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I think I should just get in to York. I’m anxious to see it.

If you don't have a hotel yet in York, I highly recommend the Minster Hotel. Ask for a room in the annex. It's nice and peaceful back there.

I would recommend several nights stay in York.
Reason #1: There's lots to see and do there, good restaurants, pubs.
Reason #2: It would give you a chance to rest a bit and do some planning.

You could spread out your map on your table in the breakfast room while you enjoy coffee or a pot of tea, and make plans.
York is a good place for a "rest break" where you chill out for a couple of days.
Our many years of travel have taught us that we need a rest break every now and then, a break from the "go, go, go" travel days.

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I definitely to relax and plan the next few weeks. I hit the ground running when I arrived in York today at noon. I’m staying at Hampton by Hilton Piccadilly - on points. By 1:00 I joined a walking tour. Had a quick tea break and headed over to York Minster for Evensong. Strolled the Shambles after the crowds died down. I have Wed and Thursday in York then a Mountain Goat tour that will drop me in Whitby for my HF Holiday.