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Leaving Oct 3 for England

I have travelled from LAX to LHR 7 times during this pandemic to visit my terminally ill parents.

I am going again next week. I depart LAX the evening if the 3rd and arrive in LHR the afternoon of the 4th (nonstop flight).

Seeing as the entry requirements for England change on the 4th, do I need to follow the current requirements or the new ones? From 4am Oct 4 (GMT), visitors from USA don’t need a pre-travel test or a day 2 test if they have proof of being fully vaccinated.

So far, no one has been able to give me a definitive answer. I have to pay personally for these tests so if I don’t have to get them done it would be a big help. Of course if I have to, I will.

Thank you for your help.

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Thank you @Ramblin’ On for your reply. That is exactly what I thought until I spoke to BA (long, long hold) the other day who at first said they’re not sure and then said yes you might have to as they might not let you board the flight without the paperwork.

Hence my confusion.

Thank you.

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You are boarding the flight on Oct 3 under the rules existing at the time. My opinion is that yes, you actually are required to show proof of a negative test when checking in.

But as Frank said, it depends on the gate agent. Do you want to put the trip in jeopardy for the cost of the tests?

We depart Canada Oct 5, transiting through LHR Oct 6 and I considered getting the tests anyway, but decided against it in favour of grabbing screen shots of the relevant wording from the LHR website for overzealous gate agents. Our destination country on that same day requires just proof of vaccination.

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Not travel advice, but hopefully a word of encouragement. I know it is hard to see parents ill and failing. I hope for a special time together for both of you. Safe travels.

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Thank you @Carol now retired, for your kind words. It’s a tough time for sure. Life is never kind.

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As above, not travel advice but sorry to hear about the reason for your trip, I hope everything works out for you.