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Layover in London

We arrive at Heathrow at 9!5 am and our flight out is 5:00pm ....any suggestions for what to do in London??

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Where are you flying to? If it not within the UK common travel area you’ll have to allow more time at the airport for departure.

If the times work right you could take a taxi to Windsor and walk around.

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Are your flights on one ticket or two? If the latter you will need more time to collect your checked bags and re-check them in.
With no checked bags, or bags checked through to your final destination you might just have time to get into central London. You need to allow an hour to get through the airport and an hour on the tube into London. Then an hour back and at least two hours back at LHR before the second flight. So, if all goes well you could have a couple of hours for a quick sightsee. I would take the tube to Westminster, where you come out with the Houses of Parliament right in front of you.
Or, as above a ra I to Windsor in 20 minutes for a more leisurely visit.
In either case b3 prepared to change plans if you hit any serious delays.

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Windsor Castle! We pre-booked to provide the transportation for the 20 minute ride (I know public options are available, but we were concerned about time), which cost about 60 pounds round trip, and 28 pounds per adult at the Castle. We even had time for a pot of tea and cake at the Castle cafe. We were gone from the airport for about 3.5 hours.