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latest UK drive tour: final honing of North Cornwall's mid May 2nd week

I'd gotten some very good help here a couple of months ago with start-up ideas for our return week to Cornwall in a less familiar but previously touched upon northern western quarter. Our seven night drive base will be a self cater cottage in Polzeath. Please note if we're missing unmentioned significant English Heritage or National Trust sites with "free" admission for each.

Atmospheric good value pubs and noteworthy unmentioned spots of any kind (indoors or out including anything by way of special food shops, bakeries and markets) along the way are much appreciated. I'm also keen on cooking , so anything in that direction's a bonus.

All's nearing completion except for the larger FOUR settings question and how best to fit and dump within them. That's of primary interest for your feedback. I've tried to make the format here easier to follow than before, but accept that even for the most gracious and kindly, it's not a breeze.

DAY 1 Arrival day from Kent to Polzeath (Wadebridge) Cornwall 322 miles. We'll be merely passing Stonehenge (done often in the past) on the A303. If there's a good market for our weekly supplies as we get closer along the way, please advise. That's our major interest for this post relative to the first day, as well as any other free flowing feedback.

Day 2 (All remaining days start and end in Polzeath) starts with Davidstow EH followed by Crackington Haven.(***Please see below for fitting Bude or not) Lovely Boscastle can largely be skipped as we'd previously enjoyed. Back to new terrain with Trevalga and Trethevy. These are followed by recently done Tintigal for the Castle only as it was closed last visit. We finish with Port Isaac 51 miles (1 1/2 hour + consensus drive time)

Day 3 Launceston EH Castle (Belventor previously done as with Bodmin Moor largely passing through) / Golitha Falls/ (Trethevy Quoit though near was also already done )/ Liskeard a definite undecided? See above ***comments for fitting (which among) four larger settings being also at issue./BlislandInn (a redo)/ Bodmin for jail only which was was closed last visit 74 mi 2 1/2 hours

Day 4 Wadebridge /Losttwithiel/ Restormel Castle / Lanhydrock House & Church/ St Mabyn 45.3 mi about 2 hours

Day 5 Padstow (Population19,500) - our one of two leading definite urbane settings as it's so accessible from Polzeath) /St Eval / Bedruthian Steps /St Merryn. For Wadebridge (other leader) , we might touch part of this most nearby of all larger towns if time's left today. We also have easy access for our "free day" option if it has not yet been fully fit by then. 47.1 mi about 2 hours

Day 6 TRUro our other more probable larger setting (Population 8000) RT 63.7mi 1hr 44 saving for last OR Liskeard/Padstow if not done OR even Bude if not visited? Ouch! Please advise on our making a "better" choice here with two in, and up to two out.

Day 7 "free" (as in open, local & lightest day) (can loll, or "/"finish/"do" from among Polzeath, Wadebridge, Port Isaac Tintigal. Padstow or whatever was completely minded and fairly proximately convenient. Kindly feel free to suggest ideas.

And now the struggle:

***a) Bude: only if time permits Day 2 - unclear even with previously done bits here?), otherwise fitted at week's end or entirely dumped? The same with Day 3's b) Liskeard. Finally there's c) Truro and d) Padstow as well. These are doubtful questions mark for this trip as to smoothly fitting more than half of the four.

Wadebridge is most geographically convenient to Polzeath and not included in the contested list at this point unless we get a massive feedback response consensus (just playing a bit) to dismiss either within the week. Thoughts re If not enough time, which two among A-D get dumped as not necessarily compelling, factoring our disinclination toward any abundance of larger settings?

There's less travel literature or even web info on this part of England (North of Cornwall) than many other areas. HELP please.

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for sure-but getting varied opinions from knowing folk is very helpful~