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Landing at Heathrow in Evening: Local Pub?

My family and I will be landing at Heathrow tomorrow at 8:30. I booked our hotel at terminal 2 so that we would be well-rested. I wanted a way to ease my teen boys into new time zone with jet lag after a long flight before starting our itinerary in London for the next 4 nights.

Is there a pub or place you would suggest in the area for us to eat or experience in the evening when we land? Are there any nearby villages/pubs that are popular for locals that you'd recommend?

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It's going to be 2130/2200 before you get near a pub - personally I would not bother. Either use the hotel bar or just relax in your room.

If you reall feel the need, one of the few easy ones to get to would be the Green Man - you would need to go to Hatton Cross station to reach it, cross the main road and take Faggs Road opposite.

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Agree with the first poster. You probably won't get to hotel until 10pm. Just go to the hotel bar at this point. The pubs can be seen another day.

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Pubs close earlier than you might realize in London, per the law, at like 11 pm if not a little earlier. For that reason alone your idea is not a great one, and I agree with others, get to your hotel and duck inside the hotel bar for a nightcap, if they are still open.

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Maybe we all could recommend good pubs near where you’re staying if you give us a general location. Our favorite is The Queen’s Gate Arms on Queen’s Gate Mews, South Kensington.

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You all make really good points. I think I am just so excited about getting there that I am not being realistic...We are staying at the Hilton at terminal 2. After reading your responses, I think staying in is probably what we will do...

I probably could have booked somewhere in London for our first night so that we would already be there when we wake in the morning, but hopefully this will also help us get settled and rested for our trip into the city the next day.

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I've stayed at the Hilton a few times. There is a restaurant and a bar but not sure what time it is open until.

Just inside terminal 2 on the arrivals level prior to security you'll find a Marks & Spencer Simply Food (small grocery) with lots of prepared sandwiches and salads, pastries, etc; A Cafe Nero (coffee chain) with sandwiches and pastries) and a WH Smith (airport shop) but they also have prepared sandwiches.

However, on the departure level, on one end near the check in desks, is the Queens Arms. It's a brewery owned "pub" using the term loosely. It's not really a pub--it's in an airport terminal--but it tries to give the feeling. It's open until 10 PM. I have never eaten there.

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Life long enjoyer of pubs in London.

Forget first night LHR arrival and trying to find one.

Plenty of wonderful ones through out London to enjoy.

As I’ll surmise you’ll be visiting Parliament Square you could visit the Red Lion on Whitehall, dining area upstairs. If Parliament is in session might hear and see members chatting and enjoying a pint.

Or better yet have lunch at the Two Chairman and then take the nearby cockpit steps into St James Park and follow Birdcage Walk up to the Palace.

If visiting the Tower London visit the nearby Princess of Prussia pub.

Great city to enjoy. Have fun!

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"Pubs close earlier than you might realize in London, per the law, at like 11 pm if not a little earlier."

Pubs opening hours are licensed by the local Authority and any peculiarities of the locale they are in, which there are a myriad of across London, so in theory there is no hard and fast rule. Pub opening hours have been progressively relaxed since 1988 and it is now possible for them to open 24 hours in the right circumstances. The reality is however, determined by footfall and mid week most will close between 10:30 to 11:00pm, but will stay open later Thurs, Fri and Saturday some up to 1am if the trade is there. On the other hand In the 'Square Mile' its not unusual to see pubs close mid evening and stay shut over the weekend, because the trade is not there for them, as they cater for the banks and offices in the vicinity.

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FYI. I didn’t think the HGI at T2 was well marked by signs. You have to walk through the parking structure to get to the entrance. It’s a multi level parking facility and as I recall the entrance is on the arrivals level of T2.