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Debating between one night each in Keswick, Oban, and Inverness or two nights in Keswick or Oban and drive up to Inverness from Oban instead. We are doing a lot of one nighters on this trip, so I would prefer to do two nights at either spot. From here, heading to Edinburgh. Any suggestions appreciated. Have already booked one night each in Keswick & Oban but can make a change easily. Thanks in advance.

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As an ardent lover of the Lake District I would encourage you to spend at least two nights in Keswick. You want to be able to have time to do at least a little exploring of the area. It is stunningly beautiful and just a few hours over a couple of days really isn't enough. There is so much to see in the Lakes and even a full day there will leave you itching for more. When traveling I always believe in quality, not quantity. Quickly skimming over many places in a short period of time is never satisfying to me. Don't forget to factor travel time into your sightseeing plans - otherwise your trip will be a blur of highways and hotel rooms and a few meals in between.

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I agree with Anita's reasons for giving Keswick two nights. To drive from Keswick to Oban takes about 5 hours without stopping, and you might have a long drive the day before, too. Rick's Great Britain book has a little driving-time summary on p. 1022, or try

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Thank you EVERYONE! KESWICK it is, then! I kinda felt like that was the way to go.
I've used viamichelin in the past, but this time I'm using a different site called roadtrippers. It's pretty cool. For me, a little easier to use. Thanks again!