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I will be visiting southern England at the end of September to cheer my sister on her swimming of the Channel. There will be a two week window of when the swim might happen and the actual swim could be many hours. We will greet her upon her return to Dover.

I would like to stay close but not Dover proper. I enjoy exploring history, nature, gardens, and architecture. I plan to do a few days in London too. I need recommendations on a home base near Dover and public transport and a property in London that would have similar flexibility.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
Well if you like history...William the Conqueror landed not too far from Dover. Bognor Regis, the southern end of the Bryson Line is a bit further on from Hastings. Hastings is a bit difficult to get to but not impossible. Dover castle is a big classic castle. Canterbury is near by.
wayne iNWI

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Bognor Regis is 65 miles from Hastings and 100 miles from Dover, so wouldn’t be much use to you!

Canterbury, Deal or Sandwich maybe options for you or Folkestone. The local train line is

You aren’t going to find much accommodation that would be flexible on dates unless you paid handsomely for the privilege.