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Jurassic Coast travel (specifically, West Bay)

Hello all,
I would like to visit the Jurassic Coast, but specifically the village of West Bay. I would prefer avoiding car rental. I believe I can hop a train from London to Weymouth (correct me if I'm wrong). Are there regular bus routes between Weymouth and the other towns along that coast? The UK bus website is a bit confusing.


P.S. - If anyone knows of great lodging in West Bay, I'd happily accept recommendations :)

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The South Coast is well served by buses and both Weymouth and Bridport, which is around a mile from West Bay, are reasonably large transport hubs so you won't have any issues managing travel by bus.

First Bus is the company that runs the bus network in the area, the Jurassic Coaster service is the one that will most likely be of use to you.

I don't have any accommodation recommendations for you as I live too close to warrant the need to pay for accommodation.

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I stayed in the northern (or eastern?) part of Bridport which is about 10 min from coastal West Bay and LOVED it. There is some amazing food at the Olive Tree---100% recommend (it was so good I went there two nights in a row and was not disappointed). There are many small b&b's there. Do try to check out the Swannery if you get a chance, and of course the Durdle door.

I do think there are bus routes down there, though I'm not sure if the service is very "on time" --- I mean usually it is, just have to be cognizant that its not like London where a bus comes all the time so you don't want to get stranded.
My friend and I did a bit of a farm stay while in the area. It was... well a farm stay (not exactly close to shore but the owners were mostly friendly). They do have some decent hotels down there though in West Bay, they are just a bit on the pricey side- (Haddon House) or Heatherbell Cottage (a bit more bb) is close to the sea if they have availability for when you are going.

Its a really lovely part of England with great hikes.

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I had a rental car when I stayed at a lovely AirBnB in Lyme Regis a few years back. Lovely area between there and West Bay.

Visited West Bay and strolled for hours along the beach. Also took the West Bay cliffs trail that was featured in Broadchurch.

Enjoyed the same in Lyme Regis. Try to visit the small and interesting Lyme Regis Museum.

Had Good coffee at Aroma where you can sit and watch the huge tourist busses negotiate the small road and curve to enter Lyme Regis. However, this was 7 or 8 years ago so no clue if Aroma still exists.

If you visit Lyme Regis, had some good fish and chips at Herbies on the Parade.

Lastly, Lyme Regis is hilly so be prepared to walk uphill from the Parade. Great fudge at Roly’s, found the Sanctuary Bookshop of interest and bought a gift for friends at the Pug and Puffin pet store.

If you need a pint and a cozy fire ( AND if still open ) you can find both at the Red Lion Inn.