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Ivy Lettings, London Connections & Coach House Rentals, et al

Hello all. I'm going to London late June/early July (YEA!) with my 21 year old niece and I'm planning on renting an apartment. It is a more daunting task then when I rented in Paris last summer. London is more spread out, more expensive and I'm less familiar with all the areas. So, I turn to your expertise as I know these boards are chock full of wonderful tips and traveling insight.

I have contacted Ivy Lettings and the responses have been prompt and nice, no issues. I want to know if anybody has had any experiences they can relate as far as companies that let flats and any feedback as to specific flats or neighborhoods. I want to use an agency as opposed to dealing directly with the owner as it makes me feel more comfortable, security wise. As of now, the companies I am considering are Ivy Lettings & Farnum & Christ (very nice people). London Connections has some decent listings but I'm not sure about them. Coach House Rentals website is a bit off putting for me. Not enough filters to narrow down.

Like most people, I am looking for a safe neighborhood, walking distance to shops and pubs, close to transportation, not to far from the major sights and a balcony would be a major plus. I don't want ground floor as want to be able to sleep with the window open. I am VERY nervous it will be too warm for me to sleep at night. That never used to be a problem but 2 years ago when my 53rd birthday came knocking so did an uptick in my internal body temperature. :(

I'm hoping to stay around $2500 (or less!) for 9 nights. That looks doable based on the apartments I've seen offered.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer.

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Our local London and UK helpers are now abed in England (to quote Shakespeare), it's 2am their time.
Look here tomorrow for their contributions.
Of course, they don't do transient apartment rentals in London, since they live there.

We might even have some N. Americans who can help.

If you're there in the summer and don't have AC, know that many "non-chain hotel" lodgings in London/Europe don't have AC, or screens on the windows. I mention this because you mentioned it, and I can share with you that we were in London in May 2014, and it got unseasonably warm (yes, in London in May), and it was necessary to open the window for ventilation, but a few bugs did come in, along with street noise. This is when it helps to not have a window on a busy street (you mentioned your concerns, sleep-wise).

They don't need AC very much in London, but if you're there when it does get a bit warm, and you don't have AC and the windows don't have screens, it will not help your sleep.

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While you are waiting for other answers, I would also do a search on the Trip Advisor UK/London forum and see what turns up there for your choices. I have seen some really long threads there when people have issues with rental agencies.