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Itinerary/logistics Questions

I'm trying to preplan my trip to London in September/October--arriving at Heathrow at 6:30 am Sept 29th (Sunday) and departing for Greece on Thursday October 3rd. I would like to incorporate the following in my trip (note: no car, only public transportation). I will be staying in Central London (Westminster-St. James)

1) A day trip to St. Albans (museum, roman ruins, abbey)
2) Windsor Castle
3) Hampton Court Palace
4) Blenheim Palace/Cotswolds (bus trip through Viator)--only (Monday or Wednesday)
5) British Museum Round 2 (did half last year)

I was thinking the following:
Sunday: the British Museum
Monday: St. Albans day trip
Tuesday Hampton Court Palace and Windsor
Wednesday: Day trip to Blenheim Palace and Cotswolds

Does that seem reasonable? Does Hampton Court Palace in the morning followed by Windsor in the afternoon logistically feasible?

And if I don't stay at HUB Westminster-St. James, what would be the ideal location for this itinerary?



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I assume you know what you’re getting with Hub. I love them, but they’re not for everyone.

There’s no way on earth I’d do both Hampton Court Palace and Windsor in the same day. They’re both well worth the better part of a day. Don’t rush, pick one and assume you’ll be back.

I’d seriously consider reducing the day trips, that’s a lot of time spent in transit. Perhaps there might be other attractions in central London that might be of interest? But, it’s your trip.

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Thanks Dale,

I stayed at this Hub location last year and enjoyed my stay so that's why I picked it for now. I did most of the sites in Central London last year so I was looking for some just outside of London. Maybe I'll split Hampton Court Palace and Windsor into separate days and eliminate one of the others.

Thanks for the input


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Definitely split Hampton Court and Windsor into separate day excursions. Both deserving of a leisurely looksee. Same with Blenheim Palace. Worth a day as you will spend about an hour and half each way getting to and returning.

Getting to and from the Cotswolds on public transport is a bit time consuming. Maybe save a visit to them for your next UK trip.

Smart to go later in the day Sunday to see the British Museum. Hopefully the hordes will have vacated,
Double check closing time for your though.

Staying at the Hub in the neighborhood you've chosen is fine. Simply use your Oyster on the tube to get to the British Museum and the train stations from where you will need to depart for Hampton Court, Windsor and Blenheim Palace. Couldn't be easier.

Enjoy your trip.

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I agree with splitting Hampton Court and Windsor. I'd probably eliminate Blenheim Palace and Cotswolds but that's me and you're you!

To me Windsor is about a 3/4 day so you might be able to do the British Museum after you do that altho it looks like it only has exended hours on Fridays.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! Based on that feedback does this seem more doable?

Sunday: arrive Heathrow 6:30 am, go to my hotel, drop off bags and head out to visit Kensington Palace and a highlight tour of Victoria and Albert museum
Monday: WIndsor
Tuesday: British Museum
Wednesday Hampton Court Palace

My thought is that Kensington Palace shouldn't take a lot of time, and I don't have a ton of interest in V&A but have never visited it so getting a highlight tour of it might be good (then if I find it really interesting, revisiting on another trip) and it appears to be relatively close to Kensington Palace.

I"m also thinking if I get British Museumed out I might visit the National Portrait Gallery

I will save the other day trips for another time.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Windsor takes longer than you might think. We drove there from our hotel near Heathrow and arrive fairly early in the morning, but had to wait for the tours to start. It might not have started until 10 or 11am. It seemed like we took 2-3 hours to see the castle and we spent a little time in the city.

We have been to Blenheim Palace, it is worth a trip, some people do Oxford the same day. If you have a tour that includes the Cotswolds, your Cotswolds tour will be fairly short.

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I'd be careful with the weather on a day in late September / Early October if you want to visit the British Museum on a weekend day.

If the weather stinks half of London and all their friends will be in the British Museum.

After visiting there a few months ago on a Saturday I swore I wouldn't return except midweek.

Other than that you seem to have a decent plan.

I agree with the others that combing Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace on one day is a lot.

That said - you won't spend much time in the gardens as mostly they will have finished unless we have a long Indian Summer, so maybe a bit more spare.

But both Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle are large expensive places with loads to see at each.