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Itinerary for May 2020—comments?

I’m celebrating my 60th with a 2 week trip to England, in part to see the village in Cornwall where my ancestors lived for many centuries. We’ve been to London once before, but I’ve also set aside a few days aside to go to places we had not previously visited.

Any comments regarding this plan would be most appreciated. Thank you so Much!

5/15/20 fly to London
5/16/20--Arrive London, bus to Oxford-stay in Oxford
• Blenheim Castle (take bus)
5/17/20 —Blenheim Castle (take bus)—stay in Oxford
5/18/20 Pick up car in Oxford. Drive around the Cotswolds, sleep in Cotswolds
5/19/20 Cotswolds, sleep in Cotswolds
5/20/20 Drive to Portsmouth, sleep in Portsmouth
• Royal Navy shipyard
5/21/20— Drive to Glastonbury, see Arundel Castle sleep in Wells
5/22/20 Glastonbury—sleep in Wells
5/23/20 Drive down Penwith Peninsula, take wife to Port Issac, sleep in Padsow
5/24/20 drive to Penzance —-sleep in Penzance
-visit ancestral village of Crowan
5/25/20 Drive to Dartmoor, sleep in Chagford
5/26/20 Chagford
5/27/20 Drop car off in Bath, train to London, sleep in London
5/28/20 London—-did not get into St.Paulls last time, will do this time
5/29/20 London
• Chartwell (in Kent)—Churchill home or Canterbury??? Can’t decide which one
5/30/20 London
• Windsor Castle
5/31/20 Fly home

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Your places to visit are definitely different from mine but that’s a lot of moving around and driving. How many people is ‘we?’ A group only moves as fast as the slowest member. Packing up, checking out, checking in, unpacking, parking the car, retrieving the car is going to be a huge time suck. There’s not much cushion if something goes wrong, getting lost or someone really wanting to sleep in a couple of hours.

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I agree this is an awful lot of moving around. You'll be experiencing the interior of your rental car more than your chosen destinations. I suggest reviewing your list and choosing at least two, preferably three, places to forgo.

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Why drive to the Cotswold, then back to Portsmouth then back to Glastonbury (which is near the Cotswolds)?. I would do Portsmouth when you are looking at doing Kent. But i agree alot, alot of drving

Hi Jeff

I agree with the previous comments in that seems to be one busy itinerary! We certainly like to cram as much in as possible on our travels so whilst I understand the approach first suggest leaving a little time to breathe.

What are your main interests and priorities to see when you're in the UK? If you can clarify that I could provide more thoughts. I've lived and worked in London for over 20 years so have plenty of suggestions for there and the local areas too.