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Isle of Man??

My wife recently finished reading a mystery that takes place on the Isle of Man. It looks like it might be an interesting, off the beaten path place to include in out trip to the UK this September. Does anyone have any comments or advice?


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The famous annual Isle of Man Motorcycle Road Races for 2020 are from 30 May to 12 June. The population doubles at that time. If would like to watch them: you should make arrangements as soon as possible. But, it should be a lot quieter for you in September. There are flights and ferries from England and Ireland.

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I have never been, but I can tell you that some of the very best beer I have had in the U.K. comes from Okells brewery in the Isle of Man. I’ve seen it in a few pubs in Liverpool but would love to visit the brewery in person one day

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The Isle of Man is one of those places that I should visit (along with many fellow Brits) but we overlook it for more far flung places. It's the typical "ignore what's on your doorstep" approach.

All I know about the island is the TT race and the Manx Cat, oh and their weird flag!

I'd say go for it, it's got to be better than gonig to The Cotswolds.

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JC - 😂😂😂

I’ve seen it from afar and flown over the Isle of Man, but never been. It’s on the list. Friends suggest that it is wonderful in parts but rather run down in others, but I need to go to check the veracity of this.

Only slightly put off by the ‘Fast Show‘s “We’re from the Isle of Man” sketch-lets!


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Definitely think about going - the Isle of Man is wonderful and you won't regret visiting. In many ways it is like stepping back to your youth. The island isn’t very big but packs a real punch. It has the lot from rocky coastlines, sandy beaches, wooded glens, bare swept mountains and fertile farmland. And that is before you add in the history and culture.

Then there are the horse trams along the prom, the steam railway, electric tramway and tramway up Snaefell, as well as a very good bus service.

There are lots of very good cafes with homemade cakes. If you like your beer, there are four breweries.. .

Have a read here for my impressions of a two week visit in 2018. (I went back again for another two weeks in 2019!)

And have a look here for all my pictures and lots of information from the 2018 and 2019 holidays.

I'm not too sure about the 'run down in parts' comment - the description 'old fashioned' would be more accurate, but that is part of its charm!

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When I was growing up, British friends of my parents retired there in 1980s and loved it!

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Everybody, thanks for the comments!
ESW (wasleys), I have a couple of specific questions.
1. Your article (just the sort of info I was looking for) implies that public transportation is quite good, that perhaps we would not need a rental car?
2. Where would you suggest that we make a base for exploring the island?


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I don’t drive and got around the island entirely by public transport. The bus service is excellent and most places have a 20 or 30 minute service. Buses are modern and comfortable and many have a screen telling you the name of the next stop. Bus drivers are really helpful and will let you know which stop you need and give directions.

The only place you are likely to encounter problems is north of the A3 from Ramsey on the east to Ballaugh on the west. The villages in the north of the island have timetabled services to get people to and from work. During the day, it is an on demand service when you ring and ask for a bus. Locals assure me this works well although they recommend ringing the day before to book.

Go Explore cards are available which give free travel on all buses, steam Railway, Manx Electric Tramway, Snaefell Mountain Railway, Douglas horse trams and also the Groudle Glen Railway. They can be bought when you arrive from the Welcome Centre in Douglas Sea Terminal, the airport information desk, Douglas Railway Station and the House of Manannan in Peel. Pick up a bus and train tyimetable at the same time. Lots of information here.

Douglas is the main transport hub and being central makes it a good choice as a base, along with Onchan which is now part of Douglas. It also has the widest choice of accommodation. We stopped in Port Erin at the southern end of the island which did add an extra hour travel time to both ends of the day, although with its sandy beach and quiet atmosphere, it made an excellent base. Port St Mary, and Peel are also possibilities. Ramsey would be my least favourable choice as it is rather out on a limb in the north.

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wasleys thanks very much for info! Your input is certainly helping me to talk myself into this Isle of Man scheme.

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Glad to be of help Mike. You won't regret your decision, but be warned the Isle of Man can be addictive!

Francis, if you do a google search "Isle of Man motor cycle hire" you will find three companies that will hire motor cycles.

I'm assuming you are talking about driving the TT route? This is on normal roads and can be driven by anyone - BUT NOT DURING TT RACES when roads are closed to all but participants.

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Wasleys, THANK YOU! Always wanted to do the TT route. Don't worry, I'd do it at normal speeds, just want to see what the REAL road was, as I've watched the TT over many years. Its a bucket list sort of thingy. :)