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Is Windsor Castle worth seeing if the chapel is closed?

We're going to be in London June 10-15 (but leaving very early on the 15th). My 16 year-old daughter really wanted to see Windsor Castle, but the dates are terrible for us: it's closed completely on the 13th, the state apartments are closed on the 12th and 14th, and St. George's Chapel is closed the 10th-13th. We would go on the 11th, when the state apartments are open, but we wouldn't be able to see the chapel.

I'm wondering if we would be better off seeing Windsor another trip, and maybe doing Hampton Court instead. But, DD really liked the idea of Windsor. How much would we be missing out on without the chapel?

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The chapel was closed when I visited and I really enjoyed the visit. I would go.

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Yes, you should definitely go anyway. If your daughter's so enthusiastic, she'll likely get a lot of out the trip, even with the chapel being closed. The state apartments are really interesting and Queen Mary's dolls' house is intricate and fascinating, even if toys and dollhouses aren't your thing.


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Totally agree that you should go. Was not super impressed with the Chapel but it could be that we had seen so many churches, cathedrals by that time we were getting overloaded. However, the dollhouse alone was the highlight of the visit. Even my twenty something son was impressed.

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I've been to Windsor Castle several times and the chapel has NEVER been open. Yes, it's worth visiting (of course).

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Both were open when I was there. I would still think it worthwhile to go if only the state apts were open.

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Yes, it's worth. I would go, it's a 35 minute train ride from Paddington Station. As you exit the train turn to your left and walk up to the road, and you will see the castle across the street. You can also walk down to Windsor Great Park, as you face the castle turn to your right, follow the road to the park (5 minute walk) you get a great view of the Royal residence from the gates in the park. On the 13th is the Order of Garter Service, my daughter (16 at the time) and I went to this years ago, it was truly fantastic. We got in the queue about 2 hours early. When we were admitted into the castle we got spots in the grass across from St. George's Chapel, when the procession came down from the castle to the chapel we were an arms length from them,
perfect to see all the Royals. Prime Minister and others. I think your daughter would love it, but you would need to get tickets, which are free.

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Thanks for all the replies - I had the same question. I am due to go with a group of young people to London (and Windsor); but for various reasons, the date had to be changed to the morning of June 11, even knowing the chapel would be closed. We ARE going but this makes me feel much better. :)