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Is there a BEST time of day to visit the Roman Baths in Bath, UK?

I am getting ready to buy tickets into the Roman Baths in Bath, England for early SEPT. I have read different thoughts on “best time of day”. Some say later before they close when the torch lights come on, some say first thing in the morning. Any advice?

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It probably depends a lot on what kind of traveler you are. I prefer to go as soon as they open so I can have some of the exhibits to myself. I'm also not at my best energetically in the later afternoon so that would not be a good time for me. You may not be a morning person, lol!! At that time of year, I'd still expect tourist crowds so would want to avoid them.

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We did it in the evening, that worked great for the lighting, wasn't crowded.

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Definitely agree with what Pam said. My preference would be to get there as soon as they open.

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We went late afternoon and it wasn't crowded.

I would guess first thing or late would work best.

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We were there a few weeks ago and they were doing timed tickets so maybe that prevents crowding?
Buy online ahead

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We had timed tickets for 10 am when we were there in late March. It was nice to be there in the morning. The only reason it was crowded was multiple large school groups. Once I got away from them, it was much more enjoyable.