Is the Taste Card worth it for a 8 day trip?

I will be going to London in early August with my girlfriend. 8 days with 1-2 days outside of the city, so we'll call it 6 days in London.

The Taste Card looks good (2 for 1 or 50% off the bill), but I'm wondering how much I'll use it. It applies to "restaurants", but I get the feeling that the majority of restaurants in London are relatively expensive compared to what we're used to in the states. The card is £80 (but you can get it for £50 on

My plan is to use markets/pubs as the main source of food because my impression is that what goes as a "restaurant" in London is relatively expensive.

Link to the card:

Can anybody shed some light/experience on the Taste Card?

I've previously been to London once before for 5 days, incase that's helpful.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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I live here and frequently run into London. Today, for example.

I can get a Taste Card for free for a month if I want to. I've looked at the list of restaurants included and none appeal to me. I have never had a free Taste Card. I'd certainly never pay for one.

YMMV. Maybe they appeal to you.

Posted by emma
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Generally I have heard the taste card really isn't worth the money.
A friend who lives in London bought one and said that they didn't really think it was that good value and that was using it over a number of months.
There are restaurants covering every price range in London so you should always be able to find something reasonably priced.
Also there are loads of deal website. Have a look at groupon, Toptable and timeout, to name but a few, for ideas and promotions.

Posted by Laura
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You have so many dining options in London that I don't think you need the Taste Card marketing campaign to tell you where to go. But you might let the Guardian Newspaper give you some suggestions.

Posted by Claudia
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Must concur, not worth the money. Another great way to find places to dine in London is to review food blogs. is one of my favorite resources. A huge plus about London is that pubs and many restaurants have sandwich boards outside announcing the specials of the day including the price of the meal. Lastly, don't forget places like Marks and Spencer and Pret a Managers where you can grab a sandwich, crisps, salad, etc to go. Having a picnic in one of the the city's many parks is most enjoyable. Have a great visit!