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Is my 2017 Oyster card still usable.

I will be in London in April. I have an Oyster card from 2017. My question is can I still load money onto the Oyster card or have they changed/updated the Oyster card so I will need to buy a new Oyster card? Thanks

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It should be fine. Just tap it on one of the ticket machines and check. BTW you can also use many contactless credit cards and smartphones to pay too.

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I was just in London in November and my Oyster card from 2015 still worked and it still had funds on it. I personally prefer the Oyster card vs using my contactless on The Tube because I don't want my credit card or phone out in a crowded Tube station, and I don't like a lot of small charges on my credit card. Have fun! London is amazing!

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Mine’s even older, and still worked this past year. That piece of plastic is built to last.

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My card is from 2011, works perfectly, and last year I bought it a new holder from the London Museum of Transport.