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is Clapham South station on Northern line 9 considered a zone 2 or zone 3 tube station?

The hotel I booked use this station a lot, when I travel to those main attractions in London, shall I get a 1-2 zone ticket or 1-4 zone ticket to cover it?
From the London tube map provided, it is right on the edge of zone2 and zone3, so I am very confused.

Thanks in advance for your guys help.

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It is in both. Now confused even more? The Standard Online Tube Map - May 2022(a), shows South Clapham surrounded by a rectangle and the map key shows that it is therefore in both zones. So if coming from Zone 1 and you get off there, it is in Zone 2. If you were coming from Zone 4 and got off there, it is in Zone 3.

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Tube stations located directly on zone borders (and indicated with that rectangular border on the map) are simultaneously in both zones, so Clapham South is in both zone 2 and zone 3.

This allows you to purchase a zone 1-2 ticket, which will be sufficient for traveling from any zone 1 station to Clapham South.

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Hi Sam, thanks for your reply. In most cases, I just travel between London center and the hotel. So I just need a 1-2 zone travel pass?