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Is Chelsea Central - UPDATED NEED OPINIONS ON NEW HOTEL CHOICE PLEASE - Update to the Update


We are coming to London for 4 days after 8 in Ireland. This will be our first time in England. We are booked to stay in Chelsea - is this a good / central location to hit all the touristy spots or should we request to be moved to downtown London ?

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There are some really neat little streets you can wander if you've a mind to!

I follow this blog and have done one of her self-guided walks in the Kensington area. Lots of fun and some neat streets/mews I might not have found on my own.

But it does matter where you'd be located as I'd want to be near a Tube stop.

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"or should we request to be moved to downtown London?"

Are you using a travel agent? It sounds like you are from your wording.

You may want to move to a South Kensington hotel.
Good neighborhood, good tube lines going through.
Easy to hop on and go anywhere in London to tourist sites.
Some tourist sites are within S. Kensington or are walking distance.
Lots of good hotels and restaurants too.

Chelsea is not as central as some other neighborhoods but is lovely.

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It would be key to know where in Chelsea. Places which aren't somewhere sometimes "borrow" the name of a recognised place.

If you could give us a clue we reply more accurately.

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Hmmmm, well, I'm not the expert but I don't think that is actually Chelsea even though the name of the hotel says so.

Just looking at the location, that would be further away from things than I'd want to be.

Are you needing to stay at a Hilton property?

Has the agent that is doing the bookings given you other choices. If you can list them opinions can be given.

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It's not really Chelsea. Your transportation options are limited.

If you can, move to a hotel with a better location.

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This hotel is really beyond the limit of what most people consider Chelsea. With the limited time you have to see London, it would be better to be more central, or at a location near multiple tube lines. Any of the areas already suggested would be more convenient than this. (Although the river view at night from the upper floors might be beautiful)

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The hotel isn’t in Chelsea, it’s at Chelsea Harbour/ Imperial Wharf which is 1.5 miles further out. Chelsea would be a great location to stay, but Chelsea Harbour is a bit cut off transport-wise. Fulham Broadway tube station is the closest, just under a mile walk away.

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Thanks Everyone

We don't have to have a Hilton property - I'm going to request a change

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That hotel is not what I would consider central or convenient.

What the sugar coated magic words on the hotel website says is:-

The hotel is easily accessible from all major transport points in the
city. The closest Overground station is Imperial Wharf which is less
than 100 meters from the hotel and connects you to all London has to

From Leicester Square Underground Station: Take the Piccadilly Line to
Earl's Court. From here, the hotel is 10 minutes by taxi or take the
C3 bus (signed Chelsea Harbour) to the hotel (approx 15 mins). Or
change to the District Line to West Brompton, change and take the
Overground to Imperial Wharf and the hotel is a one minute walk away.

From Oxford Circus Underground Station: Take the Central Line from
Oxford Circus to Shepherd's Bush and change here and take the
Overground to Imperial Wharf Station.

Fulham Broadway Underground Station: Fulham Broadway (District Line)
is five minutes by taxi to the hotel or exit the underground and take
a right onto Fulham Broadway, then take the first left onto Harwood
Road, turn right onto New Kings Road and cross the road immediately
and turn left onto Bagley’s Lane/ Harwood Terrace. Continue then turn
right onto Imperial road and the hotel entrance is 800 metres away
(Approx 15 minutes walk).

Earls Court Underground Station: Earls Court Station is on the
Piccadilly, District and Circle lines. It is 10 minutes by taxi to the
hotel or exit the station via Earls Court Road exit cross the road and
from bus stop A take the C3 bus (signed Chelsea Harbour) to the hotel
(approx 15 mins). Or you can take the District Line from Earls Court
to West Brompton, change and take the Overground to Imperial Wharf and
the hotel is a one minute walk away.

Kings Cross/St. Pancras Train Station: Take a taxi or travel via
underground to Earls Court (District/ Circle or Piccadilly Line) or to
Fulham Broadway (District Line) and follow continuing instructions
listed from these stations.

Euston Train Station: Trains from north-west Britain stop at Euston.
Take a taxi to the hotel. Alternatively, take the Overground from
Euston to Willesden Junction and then change lines and take the
Overground to Imperial Wharf station and it is just a one minute walk
to the hotel from here.

Thames River Bus: You can also take the Thames River Bus from
Embankment to Chelsea Harbour and the hotel is just a five minute walk
from here. Thames river bus and river tours services are a great way
to get around! It is popular with both visitors to London and local
commuters.Travelling by river is a great way to get to your
destination. You'll beat the traffic and soak up some fantastic views
of London along the way!

Heathrow Airport - using Heathrow Express: Take the Heathrow Express
to Paddington Rail Station and walk to Paddington Underground station
and take the District Line to West Brompton. Change here to take the
Overground to Imperial Wharf and we are just a 1-minute walk away.

Heathrow Airport - using London Underground: Take London Underground
Piccadilly Line to Earls Court. Change for the District Line to West
Brompton and change here to take the Overground to Imperial Wharf. We
are just a 1-minute walk from Imperial Wharf Station.

As far as I would think the only reasonable transport is the train which doesn't really go where you would want or the boat which is far too slow to count on for regular transportation.

When you said "Chelsea", that's not what I would think of as Chelsea which as far as I am concerned starts the other side of the World's End and improves as you approach Sloane Square. Where that hotel is more properly called Chelsea Harbour or Sands End.

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Yes, the issue arises because this area was developed as 'Chelsea Harbour' initially, but is really in Sands End (formally the site of a coal and oil depot, and Imperial Gasworks). The Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham wanted to transfer it over to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, but the latter declined. Hence the confusion.

This hotel comes up quite a lot, possibly because of its price. It isn't necessarily bad, but it isn't a clear bargain either.

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I’m so glad I thought to ask. We are doing an 8 day tour in Ireland - then 4 days in London in our own - but the tour company (via a travel agent) booked this for us. We are from Canada and this will be our first time in the UK. I’m typically a researcher and do everything independently - but this is a mother daughter trip for my moms birthday - and we used an agent and tour company. I’m glad I did some digging and asking !

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If the agent will give you some choices of hotels, get the list then run them by folks here. My bet is the travel agent has never been to London so has no clue! They often book based on their commissions.

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Yeah but isn't what travel agents pick based on the amount you tell them you want to spend.

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I think it was the tour operator that booked and not the agent. If we have to pay a little more that’s fine - as we would end up paying it in transportation costs anyway

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What Pam said,
"If the agent will give you some choices of hotels, get the list then run them by folks here."

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Here are the options that were presented to me - and what the agent had to say about them - The extra $230 isn't an issue - I just have no idea which one of these options is best and welcome opinions.

1) The Grange Rochester Hotel, (a quaint traditional hotel),within a 40 minute walk to Buckingham Palace, close to Westminster and Big Ben, and a 9 minute walk to the Victoria tube station for no difference in your cost.

2) Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel (a new Hotel) within a walk to the London Eye. Extra cost of $230. taxes included.

3) Remain at the Doubletree by Hilton which is close to the Gloucester tube station.

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Let' start with #3...remain at the Doubletree. Is this a different Doubletree as your original one is nowhere near the Gloucester Road tube station.

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Choose the hotel that Emma recommended--the Park Plaza.
My second choice would be The Grange.

"3) Remain at the Doubletree by Hilton which is close to the Gloucester tube station."
No, I would not stay at this one. I stayed there once, and never will again.

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I’ve asked the question ro my regarding the location of the originall hotel 🤦🏽‍♀️

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I've stayed at the Grange before. It's a quite location which is a plus point for me but still accessible and an easy walk to Victoria. Can't remember what time of year you are coming but there is no air con. There is a lift however, decent breakfast, friendly staff, I didn't get disturbed by noise despite being the first room by the lift. Quite a range of rooms, like most hotels in that budget they will be small. I was in a single.

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I think you should take matters into your own hand and use, or some other booking site to find a hotel that suits you.

Find out which sites you want to visit and estimate how much time and money you would use from each area. Don't count only the money. You probably spent a lot of money going to Europe, don't ruin the trip by skimping on accommodation.

I think that is the biggest general mistake I have done on travels: staying in the wrong place so I have spend a lot of valuable vacation time in transport.

Edit: A good rule-of-thumb is to stay inside the circle line or at least within walking distance to it.

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"3) Remain at the Doubletree by Hilton which is close to the Gloucester tube station."

I think this statement is what is slightly confusing people. Altho the hotel and your travel agent may say the original Doubletree hotel is "close to" the Gloucester Road tube station, it's not really. The closest Tube stop looks to be Fulham Broadway. According to googlemaps it's a 40 minute walk to the Gloucester Road station from that original Doubletree location.

The Doubletree that IS close to Gloucester Road tube station is the one Rebecca mentions.

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Yes - I’m also confused and have asked the agent for clarification

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I'm glad you came here to ask. I'd hate for you to be stuck in an area that has awkward transit options as that might affect how you feel about London. It's one of my very favorite cities and based on the comments from Emma and others about the other choices, I'd have to go with one of them instead of the original one the agent tried to book for you.

It can feel a bit intimidating your first trip to figure things out. As you've guessed most of us book our own hotels and perhaps stay in smaller accommodations where a travel agent would not get a commission.

I also like to stay closer to things so I can walk to some of the main sights. Sometimes I'll start out in the AM by taking the tube to my most distant location then work my way back to the hotel on foot.

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We finally got confirmation that I'm not crazy and the original hotel is not a good option !

Now my question - is the Park Plaza Westminster a good location for us for seeing the sites?

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I sent you private message.
Park Plaza Westminster is a great location!

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We've gone ahead with the Park Plaza Westminster - Thank you for your help !