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Inbound Heathrow

Hello Travel Gurus

I never thought I would have to ask a question like this.
We have a flight arriving Heathrow on BA with onward to Manchester. ( Do not get me started on this arrangement but it was the only practical set of flights from my location) The change time is rather tight.
My question: If we check our bags will we have to pick them up at baggage claim or will they just go on to Manchester on their own? Having been through LHR many times, always with carry on only we have never had to stop at customs.


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We checked our bags from Boston to Leeds with no issues. We did not need to pick them up and recheck them at T5. Both of our flights were BA.

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Thank you.
I will check out the website.

Appreciate your replies.

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Strictly speaking this is not an airside transfer as​ you pass through​ immigration at Heathrow. From then on you are a domestic passenger and will therefore have your photograph taken prior to security and this will be matched up as you board.

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Thanks for the correction, Marco. I was just focusing on the baggage aspect, but you are correct that they are entering the UK between the two flights, so not an airside transfer.

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One reservation or two separate?