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In what area of London should I stay, for access to multiple train stations?

I plan to travel to London from Scotland, that train arrives at Kings Cross. I want to travel to Salisbury one day, that train leaves from Waterloo station. And on another day I want to travel to Canterbury, that train leaves from St. Pancras. Can someone please recommend where in London I should stay, so as to be most centrally located among these train stations? Thanks!

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Well Kings Cross and St. Pancras stations are basically across the street from each other, so that might be the area to concentrate on. I have not stayed in that area, so I don't have any hotel recommendations. Someone else will undoubtedly be able to help with that.

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Kings Cross Station where you will arrive is across the road from St Pancras.

I’d stay at the Kings Cross Premier Inn.

Or if you got the money consider St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

To get around London use the London Underground aka the “ tube.”

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It doesn't really matter. All the main terminal stations are very well connected by the tube. Best choosing your lodgings going by where you want to stay, rather than being close to any of those stations.

I know that doesn't really answer your question, but it's really easy to get to any of these stations from anywhere near a tube station.

Bloomsbury is somewhere you might want to look at if you want to be near Kings Cross however.