I know I have waited too late, but ...

Is there a reasonably-priced option somewhere near Bath, England for late July/Aug? I would like to take my family for three nights and the prices I am being quoted are astronomical because we do not fit in one room.

If not, what is an easy train/bus destination away from London for three days, where I might find a place to stay that is clean, affordable, and interesting.

Thank you.

Posted by Pepita
Florida, United States
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It is a big adventure for us!
Began April, ends late August.

Posted by Swan
Napa, CA
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Moreton-in-marsh is a short train ride from London, in the Cotswalds. You may find B&bs there that are budget-worthy. Buses from there run to some of the other towns nearby, or to Stratford-upon-avon. If you use Smoothhound.com for lodging search, you may find what you want. Walking is good on that area.

Posted by Pepita
Florida, United States
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Thank you for your helpful reply. Off to research.

Posted by emma
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What is your definition of " affordable"? How much are you willing to spend and how many people are in your family? What is your definition of " easy"? How long are you willing to travel for and are you happy to do changes on your journey? Sorry a lot of questions but it will make it easy to provide useful answers.
If you are looking to go for 3 days you can basically look at staying in quite a large area of London
Have you looked at the national chains such as Travelodge and Premier Inn which both provide reasonably priced accommodation, although the prices do vary.
It might also be worth looking at booking a cottage or holiday flat? There might be cancellations?
But unfortunately, as you are now aware, lateJuly/early august is peak holiday season so nowhere will be cheap.

Posted by Anita
Long Beach, California, USA
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Try vrbo.com or airbnb.com. There are often listings on there that don't fill up that can accommodate your family. Most listings are apartments or houses and prices can be very reasonable compared to a hotel or B&B.

Posted by Mark G
London, United Kingdom
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Late July through August is also the time that UK families go on holiday, so most popular UK locations will be booked up and more expensive. However, all is not lost! For instance, if you want to try getting to Bath, why not try staying in Bristol for a couple of nights? Biggish university city with lots of accommodation of all types; also close to Bath (short train or bus ride) and easy to get to from London. Bristol also has attractions of its own. Another slightly offbeat but nice place to base yourself would be Norwich (in East Anglia) - beautiful medieval cathedral; castle; market; lots of shops and lots of other things to see. And it's also an easy train ride from London.

Posted by Sharon
Santa Rosa, CA, USA
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As Mark said, Norwich could be a great destination. We just returned from a trip to the UK and we spent 4 nights in Norwich. It's a beautiful city with much to do. We stayed at the Premier Inn on Duke Street there. Though it was just my husband and myself, I'm told the Premier Inn has family rooms.

Posted by Pam
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I am a novice at this, but my experience in Bath last Sept was that hotel rates jumped drastically on Fridays and Saturdays and were much lower on the other days. It may be advantageous to check on other dates around your planned days to see if you can get cheaper rates.

Posted by Pepita
Florida, United States
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After much research we found a town to stay in for three nights and we will just do a day trip from London to Bath. If we like the town, I will post about it later. Thank you for all of your recommendations.