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how to transfer from Gatwick to Heathrow

We are flying into Gatwick and out of Heathrow and have a 4 hour time frame to get to Heathrow. What is the quickest way? I am worried about getting through customs (which could take an hour plus) then getting over to Heathrow.

Many thanks

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There is bus service between the two stations. Follow the signs. You have a tight schedule. I think buses run about every 30 mins and take an hour for the trip.

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Does a Monday morning make a difference? we arrive from Bordeaux Monday March 30 at 10:35am; have a flight back to JFK from Heathrow at 14:25pm

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A few questions:

How many of you are traveling?

How much luggage will you have?

Do you know which terminal at LHR your flight home will be departing from?

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I'm guessing you are from the U.S. (San Antonio) and have a U.S. passport. If so, you can use the electronic gates at Gatwick which should save time. If you have checked luggage you will have to pick it up.

Head out of the terminal and look for signs to the National Express bus. There is a direct bus link to Heathrow.

Four hours is tight for the airport transfer but can be done. Is this all on one ticket or separate ones?

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  • One hour for immigration (i.e. passport control, NOT customs) at Gatwick on a good day 1½-2hours on a bad day.
  • +30 minutes wait for the bus
  • +65 minutes on the bus (on a good day, add 30 minutes on a bad day)
  • +15 minutes to get from the bus at to the check-in desk.
  • How early do you have to check in before the flight a Heathrow? 1 hour?, 2?, 3?

Best case 1 + ½ + 1h05 + ¼ + 1 hour= 3h50. How lucky do you feel?

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Sorry, you need longer. You need to be at Heathrow 3 hours before your flight. If you use the electronic passport gates, you can be out of Gatwick 45 minutes after touchdown. It’s rarely any less than this and often more. That only leaves you 15 minutes to travel 40 miles on one of the most congested roads in Britain.

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You could also book a car service. It will be more expensive but will meet you once exiting customs at Gatwick and take you directly to your terminal at Heathrow.

Do you have luggage to check at Heathrow?

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Are these separate tickets, or one of those through itineraries that AA/BA especially like to sell?