How to store a bag at Heathrow Airport for 20 days, while I'm touring Europe?

I am a college student, who is studying in London for a month. June 1, 2014 thru June 30th. I have a large suitcase, with my school clothes, that I want to leave at Heathrow Airport, for approx.. 20 days. I will be back packing Europe, and will be flying back to Heathrow for my flight back to the USA. I would like to pick up my suitcase and return home with it. Does anyone have any ideas on who to contact to arrange storage? Or if it is even possible? I am flying British Airway to and from England. Would it be cheaper to just ship my suitcase home? I received an on line quote for $ 128.00.

Thank you for your help

Posted by Nancy
Corvallis OR
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Dave's reply says 5GBP/day x 20 days would be 100GBP or approx $170. Looks like the quote to ship for $128 would be the better deal and then you wouldn't have to worry about retrieving it before flying home. Makes sense to me.

Posted by Dave
Ventura, CA, USA
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Well I could have expressed it more elegantly, but I was skeptical as to the shipping price and the likelihood that the price would actually be that. Of course, if the quote is firm and it's a reputable shipper, it makes sense ;-))