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How to make a call within United Kingdom - Leaving on 9/1

I thought I was prepared with plugging in all the hotel phone #'s, etc. into my mobile but I keep coming across different ways of making calls. Can someone help verify the correct way when using a US mobile
calling within England and Scotland?

Some posters say enter + sign, drop off the 011, and then dial the 10 digit phone # you are trying to reach.
I just read that someone saids to dial 7 after the 011. Some have said you don't need the +.

Do I have it right if I'm calling from England to an England # such as

+011 0208 900 1666

Also, is there a difference if I'm making a call from England to Scotland?
Thanks so much for all those who can help me.

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If you are using a U.S. mobile, you dial as if you were calling from the U.S.

The + sign replaces “011”.

You need the country code which is “44”

You drop the leading 0 in the area code

For the number above, you would dial
+44 208 900 1666

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Thank you both for responding and giving concise instructions. I feel confident now that I have entered phone # correctly. Thanks again.

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if you enter all the numbers in your phone book with the + and the country code, as mentioned immediately above, you can call anybody from anywhere in the world no matter what sim you have with just one tap.

For a moment extra entering the number originally you make it much easier for yourself.

If you are entering US or Canadian numbers use +1. UK - doesn't matter if Scotland or England or Wales or Northern Ireland - is +44, etc.