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How to get to Mont St Michel from London?

Could anyone suggest a good route to Mont. St. Michel from London. Do i have to go all the way into Paris? I have read that Frace can be "Paris centric". I will be traveling with a small child so driving is not an option. (I know my limitations- and attending to the needs of my child, navigating an unfamiliar area, trying to read signs in another language . . . recipe for disaster.) Also, will the strikes I have been reading so much about impact the route? Thank you.

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The Paris, Rennes, MSM route has the most frequent connections, and I think it is the easiest way to get there. I also found the bus ride to cover some very pretty countryside. However, depending on the age of your child and his/her tolerance for bus rides, Pontorson involves much less time on the bus.

I would suggest spending the night on the island if possible. That will give your child some time to explore without the crowds... eg, walking the ramparts. If you do decide to stay overnight, book your hotel as early as possible and pack as lightly as possible. You might also consider staying at one of the hotels right inside the entrance to the island to avoid a long uphill walk with child and luggage.

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Thank you! How do you think this may be affected by the strikes?