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How to get from Moreton-in-Marsh to Windsor

Hi - I've been researching the best way to get to Windsor from Moreton-in-Marsh. It seems the easiest would be train to Slough then taxi to my hotel in Windsor (4 miles from Slough). My understanding is that the train from MinM to Windsor requires changing at Slough anyway, and since I would have to taxi from train station in Windsor to my hotel anyway, taxi from Slough just seems less complicated. However, I read a comment in another thread "If you've ever been to Slough, then you know why you want to avoid Slough." Any advice would be very welcome!

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Sadly the trains from Moreton run fast from Reading to London Paddington, so you would have to change at Reading for Slough- a 17 or 18 minute connection most hours.
If it suits you to taxi from Slough so be it.
I think the comment referred to the built architecture of Slough as a town- parts of which could be classified as 60's brutalist.
Whether the comment is fair or not is a moot point.
Whether it's fair or not to discuss the architecture on a travel forum I don't know. If others want to do so that's up to them. Safe to say it's not a Cotswolds village!
Slough station (which is basically its 19th century original, very sympathetically modernised) itself is a pleasant enough place and all you'd be doing is walking outside to the taxi rank, then driving through Slough. Who knows the taxi driver might even give you a free guided tour of Slough on the way!

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This is the regular route although you can take the train shuttle service to the centre of Windsor if that is nearer.

Until recently the train from MiM used to also stop at Slough but with the new timetable it will generally need a change in Reading.

This assumes your journey would be after the current bridge repairs are complete (est 10 June) If not you would take a rail replacement bus between Oxford and Didcot from where there are two trains an hour to Slough.

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MIM to Reading, Reading to Slough, Slough to Windsor and Eton. Takes just over two hours.

You aren't going to Slough, you are changing trains, so the comment of the other person (or the poem by Betjeman) isn't relevant.