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How to see Wicked

We have tickets to see Wicked on a week night at 7:30. How dressed up should we be? We will be doing other sightseeing during the day and we are staying in clapham junction. Not sure if we will have time to go back to the flat and change clothes. Thanks.

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no need to dress up or change clothes (unless you're sweaty and stinky after being out all day)

it's a casual event

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Just don’t get mistaken for a flying monkey :)

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Your sightseeing clothes will be fine, but it may be pretty chilly by the time the play ends, so if you're not planning to taxi back to your hotel, you may want to take an extra layer with you.

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I wore a polo shirt and jeans and black comfortable walking shoes, I’m male.

I sometimes dress for theatre in Chicago if I’m going on a date, but I dress nice casual in London and I’m fine. If I had khakis with me on that trip, I might have changed, but seriously, you’re fine in just about anything.

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Just agreeing with the others, particularly acraven. What you are wearing during the day will be fine for the show, but be prepared in case it's gotten cooler as you leave the theatre (I've been caught out by this in New York as well). If your show starts at 7:30, it will end around 10:30; if you can, check the hourly forecast for that day before you leave your hotel, so you're prepared for the temperature at that hour.

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Maybe a tall pointed black hat, and don't forget the green make-up.