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Oh what woe Father Brown, Inspector Barnaby and Rosemary and Thyme hath wrought.

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I saw that too on FB. Headed to the cotswolds in june

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I’m addicted to murder mysteries set in the Cotswolds and have often laughed at how many murders happen over and over in one little village - lol.
And be sure to avoid Oxford... very dangerous place.

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I love great cozy murder mysteries (though I'll jump at the sound of a pin in the middle of the night, go figure!) so thanks very much for posting -- loved it!

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To be very pedantic, Barnaby's beat is probably the Chilterns not the Cotswolds.

If you really want to avoid getting murdered, avoid one of those mysteriously small islands that apparently lie just off the South coast. Marple, Poirot and Dalgeish all went to one for a bit of R&R and ended up investigating a killing.

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Probably would not hold a candle to the murder capital of America, Cabot Cove, Maine.

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Thanks for the giggle!

I'm a birder and found a nice way to meet "locals" is to go out with binoculars. Maybe I'll re-think that!

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Thanks! 🙂. FYI...our Columbus Metropolitan Library provided us with a print out of American and British Cozy writers...other aficionados might check if their libraries can do the same. Happy reading and safe travels!

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In September 2018 when my wife and I were visiting Bibury in the Cotswolds we had a chat with a woman who was spreading a very small box of ashes of her late husband. I can't remember the exact number but she said she had divided the ashes up into about 30 boxes and she was taking the ashes to various locations she and her husband had visited. Hmmm, now I'm suspicious, was she hiding the evidence...