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how many steps are there - London Vauxhall to London Euston

Hi All,

I am starting to check again my transportation choices during my upcoming trip.
On Saturday, 02 Sep, I'll be leaving my hotel near London Vauxhall and traveling to London Euston Rail to then take the train to Birmingham International train station where a friend will pick me up for our day-out plans.

For curiosity, I checked the Journey Planner without and with steps free access. I am surprised by how different the routes are. My friend doesn't recall any steps for the Euston stations (tube / rail) transfer. I thought I would check with anyone who might know.
I don't mind a few steps; I definitely wouldn't want to carry any luggage up a full flight of stairs (>15 steps is my definition here) unless I really had to.

And, yes, I'm aware of the RMT Train strike that will affect my plans. That is the next step -- to figure out potential alternate plan for getting to Birmingham on that Saturday if that is needed. I plan on waiting another week to check the strike related info for service on the Avanti West Coast trains.

Thanks Everyone!

Vauxhall to Euston Rail station

Steps free access route

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If you select step free access, this disallows routes using escalators as well as fixed stairs. If you use the option to allow escalators but not stairs the Victoria Line reappears.

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I used to do that journey several times a year and I can't remember any stairs at all. There is an escalator at Vauxhall and no less than 3 at Euston but no stairs.

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to get to what railway types call "The Wood" at Euston via the shortcut from the Tube gateline, there is a set of stairs up at the Wood end. That's platforms 8 to 11 in non-railway speak.

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Thank you, Marco! That explanation makes sense.

Nigel and Johnnew52 -- I appreciate your replies as well.