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How long to recheck bags at Gatwick?


I’m thinking of flying from JFK to Gatwick on Norwegian, then catch a BA flight to Croatia. Per the schedule id arrive in London at 10am and depart at 150pm.

The catch is I would have a checked bag. :-/

By my math that’s 3 hours 50 minutes. I am willing to pay the £12 for the “premium” passport control and security if necessary.

Even with that however slight timesaver from the “premium”, is 3 hours 50 minutes enough?

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That is enough time you gambler you. Last December I flew into Gatwick at 8:00 am and caught a 10:30 flight on a separate ticket. But I did a carry on.

You know Norwegian has a partnership with EasyJet that might work better if you book the flights together

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American citizens can now use the electronic gates at Gatwick immigration and no longer need to speak to anyone. Hopefully, this will makes things faster. Both airlines are in the South terminal.

As long as you Norwegian flight is on time, you should be okay.

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The answer is always the same --- classic provision -- if your original flight is on-time. We have played that game many times and were always successful until last year when the original flight was cancelled. And, of course, had to buy a new ticket for the next day. That is your downside risk. The savings over the years probably (maybe?) paid for the new tickets. However it did change my mind about the risk.