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How is the situation at Heathrow this week?

First - thank you to everyone on the forums who posts....very helpful with trip planning! We fly into Heathrow this weekend and plan on only having carry-on luggage. That said for the return we will have checked bags.....that leads to the question - how has Heathrow been this week? Any change in the long security queues and baggage pile-ups? How long are people allowing to clear immigration and begin the journey into the city?

Any updates/feedback would be appreciated. Thanks so much!!

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Reports published in the media coming from the airport and the airlines is that the problems are likely to continue until the half term holidays in October, it certainly looks like it's not a short term issue.

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My apologies I should have included that!

WestJet - Terminal 3, arriving Sat July 23....departing 2 weeks later so a little early to know what departures might be like but any insight into lines, etc would be appreciated. :)

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This weekend is traditionally the busiest for travel with schools finishing through the week (although earlier in some places).