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Housing for student

Hello Everyone, my nephew is going for summer study program at london school of economics and pol science for 2 months starting june. can anyone suggest lodging ? thanks in advance. Angela

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Have you looked at AirBNB? I have seen tons of places all over London - both short term and long term lodging.
Does the school office offer any suggestions for other types of lodging?

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The link Kathy posted, to the official LSE student accommodation website ( ) starts at ~£1000 for 20 nights, or ~£50 per night. It will be very hard to get less than that in central London, especially in summer (peak tourist season). If there were cheaper available I would expect the LSE to list it.
AirBNB or similar I would imagine has little one-person accommodation. The way to save is for 2 or 3 people to share.
If you want cheaper you could also house or flat share outside central London, which is what most students do. That requires extra time (and cost) commuting, and time to find sharers. It would be difficult for just 2 months.

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Honestly, I would go with student housing. You know what you're getting and he would ideally be with his classmates.

There was a thread on the Trip Advisor Paris forum about a woman whose daughter rented via AirBnB for her school term, but it was an illegal let that got found out a while into the let period and she claims her daughter ended up staying in the renter's actual apartment with his family or some such . That part sounded fishy, and I don't know if it ever got resolved, but the risk is some thing to be aware of.

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Honestly, £50 a night, in London? And, in school-approved housing?

No, that is NOT expensive!

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As you've only posted twice and in one said the recommended student housing is expensive I have to believe you have not researched enough to know that London is one of the most expensive cities on the planet.

The price for the student housing is CHEAP for London!

He needs to reconsider and try to reserve a room there ASAP. He knows what he'll be getting. Something he won't be gurarantee'd when searching AirBnb, etc

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Suggest to your nephew that he contact the LSE about shared accommodation which would be less expensive for him. He has left it rather late, however, if he is starting in June, but he is a big boy and will no doubt work it out.

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Looking into shared is a great idea but as the others have said, London is a very expensive city. It just is. Also, living among other students going to the same school might also be a plus as far as making friends and connections?

You don't want to know what the exchange rate of dollars to pound sterling was the last time we saw London. Ouch! Don't blow off student housing: it's not "too" expensive where London during peak tourist season is concerned.