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Hotels- How big is a "Double" ?

This is probably a silly question, but in searching accommodations around Britain they all seem to list "double" as a size of bed. In Paris our hotel had two twins that were pushed this what they mean by double? Just wanting to know before we actually book anything.

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Sometimes, sometimes one bed - larger or smaller.

If the website doesn't say, ask the hotel. No set standard.

The double isn't the size - like it is in some countries - but the fact that it is a room designed for two people sharing one bed.

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The standard size for a double bed is 4'6" × 6'3", although these days you may well encounter 140 cm × 200 cm.

However, it could be a 'zip and link' of two single beds totalling 5' × 6'3" or 6' × 6'3".

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A double would be what we in America call full size bed, twin room would have two twin beds.

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In my experience, the term "Double" has little to do with bed size unless they specifically state "double bed" as opposed to "double room" when booking a double room. Even then, the reality can vary greatly, from two slivers of a bed pushed together on up to a Queen size or larger bed.

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It means a bed for two people.

In a hotel/b&b that likely means a king-size bed: 150cm x 200. You would be very unlucky to encounter a traditional size double bed: 135cm x 190cm. People have become larger.

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It really can vary. A "double" usually means the room is intended for two people. The best thing is to look closely at the pics on the site and then contact the hotel with specific questions. On some booking sites for some hotels, you can specify if you want two twin beds or one double or Queen bed. Rooms in Europe and Britain can be much smaller than in USA. And, it's not a silly question.

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This is obviously an issue for you and I think you're smart to ask the question up front.

Beds in Europe and the UK can be all the types and sizes already described. Looking closely at pictures and emailing the lodgings for a description and measurements (which may be in cm) are the best ways to learn what you might get.

In 2016 I traveled solo for 6 weeks in the UK. I had every kind of bed already listed for 2 people because the rooms were all double occupancy. Being only one person, I always had plenty of room and managed to sleep just fine.

I mostly had beds of a similar size to US "double" (are those made anymore?) or "queen." I was surprised that I also had a few "kings." King-sized beds seem enormous to me since we have queens at home.

Racking my brain, I seem to remember that on that trip, the smaller the bed, the smaller the room. The actual size of the room is listed in many descriptions, usually in square meters, so paying attention to that is also a good idea.

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If actual bed size is important you need to ask the size (usually in cm) of the bed to really know what you are getting. I was dealing with a place in France that referred to a 'grand or king' size. When I asked the specific measurements it was what the US calls a queen size. There are several sites when you google that give the US/British & Irish/European comparison sizes.

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All good points above, in addition you might like a heads up about the Premier Inn chain,
they have a separate concept and business model called Premier Inn-Hub, these have a double bed i.e. one bed that two people can use, but one side of the bed is against a wall, so access is on one side of the bed only. The wall side in my Hub had a ledge where you can put, spectacles, wallet, phone, remote control etc.

Hub rooms are compact probably no more than 12 square metres, so for two people sharing there is limited privacy, ideal for individuals though.

On the plus side all PI beds have very comfortable Hypnos mattresses and nice pillows,
a Duvet is the usual bedding in the uk.

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Hotel terms vary but can mean this:

Single--room for one with a twin size bed.

Small double-- smaller bed for two with at least two sides against a wall.

Twin--room for two with two twin beds.

Double--room for two with one bed for two. The size of the bed varies. Some older hotels have only twin rooms but will push the beds together to make a double.

There are, of course, variations on the above. But they will be noted.