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Hotel in Canterbury

My husband and I will be on the Best of South England tour beginning May 30, 2022. We are planning to spend the night at the same hotel the tour will be staying, The Abode Canterbury. However, I'm not sure which room category to book to ensure we get to stay in the same room during the tour. Does anyone have any knowledge on what category the tour generally uses? I would imagine it could either be the Comfortable Room or Desirable Room.

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You don't want to book online.
Email the hotel letting them know you are on a RS tour, and your arrival date. They will usually work with you through email or sometimes they will direct you to use the online form and give you a code to use.

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Contact the hotel directly via email and tell them you will be part of the tour. We've done that many times and the hotels have always been very helpful about setting us up with room that we were able to use the entire time.

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kdh, as others have indicated email and asked how they would like you to book. They may act off your email or they may ask you to go to their web page for the reservation. The golden rule is to be nice. No demands other than an “if possible”. Also understand sometimes the tour hotel has little choice especially smaller hotels that may be handling a stream of RS tours going in and out. Most RS hotels will have a wide range of rooms (not everyone on the tour gets the same level of rooms, these aren’t Marriotts) and the one you get is sometimes based upon luck. Your pre/post tour room may be better or worse then your tour room, you might be scoring the last room in the inn pre-tour aka the very last one they ever give out and they may be happy to move you to a better room at the start of the tour after the prior tour leaves.

A side story: about a decade ago I went to Rome for a RS tour- arriving several days early. Just pure luck but 3 other tour members had arrived shortly before me. A couple and a single. The couple were being overly demanding…a room with a view, a shower not a tub, etc etc… and they wanted it now (11 am). Next up was the Single- a very whiny individual (jet lag?) who wanted their room NOW and was very unhappy that a single room wasn’t available for check-in some 4 hours early.

The poor guy at the desk said he would ask housekeeping to get to the rooms as soon as they could and he suggested they go out for a stroll. The single declined that idea (the couple stormed out to go looking for lunch) and took a seat in the lobby and stared at the clerk.

I was up next. I stepped up, gave my name mentioning I was checking in for 2 nights under my name and then the rest of the time with the RS Tour. I then quickly added I would greatly appreciate if I could store my bag as I wanted to walk the city and would be back at dinner time, so no rush for a room. The clerk smiled and said thank you.

Everyone got rooms they kept for the tour. The couple had a room with 2 twin beds (they wanted a US queen, single bed) and a view of the alley and garbage cans (something the entire tour heard about, repeatedly). The single got a standard small single (twin bed) (intentionally leaving sex out in case someone on that tour reads this) on the top floor- lots of steps. I received a nice large “double room” (American size double bed) on the 2nd floor with a nice view of the Vatican. Ben, our RS Guide, saw the room (he was staying in a small standard single room on my floor) and asked “how did you rate?”.

Lesson- be nice. And yes, upon checking out I violated the forum no tipping rules and tipped the clerk (50 euro).

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Thanks everyone for your recommendations. I am in contact with the hotel and getting things booked!