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Hopper App and British Airways

I booked a flight for 2 from Rome to London via the app Hopper with British Airways. This was for last June. Obviously we never got to use it because we were never able to get to Rome d/t Covid 19. Well trying to get any $$ back or even a voucher has thus far proved futile!! Even though Hopper said the airline was managing the flight BA has said they will not deal with it as it has to go through Hopper. (and the credit card shows Hopper as recipient of the charge). I have tried to contact Hopper several times through the App with limited success. Only heard back from them after several weeks that said to contact BA.
To make matters worse there does not seem to be anyway to contact Hopper by phone!! So beyond frustrating! Has anyone had any luck dealing with Hopper?
Lesson learned.....I will NEVER book through Hopper again!

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Hi, Karen. I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties with Hopper. I will offer that you may consider broadening your lesson learned to never booking flights through online travel agencies in general, including the big boys like Expedia. When problems arise, resolution is typically easier if your ticket was brought directly from the airline (though resolution still may not be "easy!").

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Thank you Joe! I would not have thought of filing a complaint with BBB. Fingers crossed. And, yes, I have learned a lesson.