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Homestay/extended stay older student

Does anyone have any experience with the homestay program or other type of "boarding house" situation as a postgraduate student in UK? I'm exploring possibility of doing a 1-year second masters degree at a UK university but am no longer in my 20s so am not necessarily interested in a house share. Also, thought something with half-board, utilities and wi-fi included would be easier logistically. (I would be dealing with logistics pertaining to my own house and car back in the U.S.). I know someone recently posted about retiring in UK, but I don't think I've seen this question covered. If anyone has any advice for "Mrs. Hudson" type of rentals or extended stays, I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts. (Am also looking at similar grad programs in U.S..)

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Do you know which university you would be applying to? London or somewhere else - your options may be different. The universities you would be interested in should have information about the options you have available. Also there may be a "mature students" society or similar at the university you wish to attend which may be able to help.

There has recently been a lot of student housing built by the private sector providing accommodation that is way better then was available when I was a student many years ago (some of it expensive for students) - the main one I have heard of is Unite - - I have no experience of this but worth a look.