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Historic Royal Palaces new member tours

Hi, I bought a 1 year membership in the HRP that I plan to put to good use on our visit in May 2018. I see 3 new member tours that I'm interested in.

I'm looking at the May 12th at 14:00 for HCP since I already have a Houses of Parliament tour at 9:20 earlier in the day. There is no charge for this tour at HCP. I know I will not have much time at HCP but I already plan to visit on it on May 14th and that is the only thing I have planned for that day.

This one has a 25 GBP charge per person and includes refreshments afterwards for May 14 at 18:30. I already plan to visit the Tower of London on May 7.

The last one is no charge also for the May 13 tour at 17:45.

So my question is since I already plan to visit both of these places would these new member tours allow me access or allow me to see parts of these 2 places that I ordinarily wouldn't be able to see on a normal visit? I will send an email to HRP asking this question also but I wanted to see if anyone here has any experience with these new member tours.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

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I have done the Tower of London new member tour and I would say it is worth it. Not because you see anything you wouldn't on the regular Yeoman Warder tours but you do it after the Tower is closed so it is just your group (normally fairly small) and the Warder. You do get to go into the Chapel at the end which is nice and you get to sit and ask questions.