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Highclere and luggage

Has anyone found a safe and easy way to store luggage somewhere near Highclere? We have a trip planned that takes us from London to Newbury for Highclere and then on to points farther west, all via train. The train stations do not have luggage storage. We will be at Highclere for a few hours, so keeping them with a taxi is also not a viable option. Any other ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

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I would suggest googling "places to store luggage" and then the name of the town where the train station is located. There are businesses around that store luggage for a nominal fee. I did this on a recent trip to Copenhagen and found a cafe to keep my suitcase until I could get into my apartment rental.

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Thanks Anita. Sadly, that is what I did before posting my question here and did not find a viable option. I was hoping there was a traveler who successfully found a good option more recently. I will keep looking.

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Hi Alison. Could you email Highclere itself to see if they have any options? This may have happened before or they may be able to tell you where you can store it.

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How are you getting to Highclere Castle from the train station and back? Taxi? If you talk to the taxi company ahead of time, they may be able to either suggest a place in town that will store your bags, or else arrange for your driver to keep your bags in the trunk for the duration.

The Hare & Hounds is a hotel and restaurant in Newbury, though not right near the train station. I mention them because their staff is very helpful and might be willing to give you ideas if you called them.

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We used Andrew Guppy, Cotswold Walks last summer. He planned our eight nights in the Cotswolds, including our drivers. We were picked up at our Conrad Hilton (St James Park) and taken directly to Highclere Castle. Our driver stayed in his car with our luggage and did paper work. We toured Highclere for two hours. Then our driver took us to Chipping Camden, with our luggage.