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High tea in London

We are traveling to London with two 11 year olds and their parents. We want to have high tea but don't want to pay the High prices that are charged. (we're afraid the kids won't like the cucumber sandwiches.) We would like a nice place to have tea, small sandwiches and scones with clotted cream.(not too expensive) Any suggestions

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If you search the forum you will find this question comes up a lot and there are lots of suggestions.
This post from yesterday has lots of links to help you on your way.

You really don’t need to pay huge amounts for afternoon tea unless you are going to one of the “big name” hotels. But it’s worth remembering it is a meal, not a snack, so to get anything decent you will need to pay accordingly.

You also won’t be limited to cucumber sandwiches. There will always be a range of fillings.
Finally to help you on your search you need to search for “afternoon tea” not high tea. High tea includes a more substantial hot dish and is very rarely served these days. Afternoon tea is sandwiches, scones and cream and cakes served with hot drinks and maybe fizz.

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I believe you want Afternoon Tea, which includes finger sandwiches, scones and pastries. High Tea or just “tea” is the evening meal.

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There’s usually a variety of sandwiches or small savory items to try and a lot of afternoon teas have their menus online, so you can pick one that suits your tastes as well. Some of the bigger museums have nice afternoon teas that are relatively inexpensive, maybe take a look at the National Gallery or the Portrait Gallery?

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It seems that using the name "high tea" instead of the correct afternoon tea is used to imply that it is posh, as said they are two different things. I've heard that some establishments in London are deliberately using the high tea name to entice Americans/Australians into their restaurants, it's still called "tea" in my house, not dinner.

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A very nice place with a reasonably priced cream and afternoon tea is the Wolseley. It's just next to the Ritz but almost literally 10 times cheaper.

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In my book high tea is what you gave young children at about 5pm, then the adults would have super later. It would involve eay comfort childrens food like scrambled eggs.
Adore cucumber sandwichss, my favourite, thin white bread, good salted butter, cucumber (not too thin) and a sprinkling of salt! Think they will be right up childrens street. But you might not get them. You usually get a selection of fillings, in the past i have had smoked salmon and cucumbr, watercress, ham or chicken and almond.
All yummy😀