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HF Holidays Membership

Has anyone become a member of HF Holidays in the UK? I have seen quite a few people in the forums that have taken their tours, but I'm wondering if anyone is a member. The process appears pretty straightforward, and the 100 GBP membership fee would almost pay for itself after three tours. I just signed up for my first tour (Western Dales in July) and am considering a second tour later this year so I'm working my way to the break-even point pretty quickly. The appeal of the membership is the advance notification of new tours.

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We really enjoy the HF Holidays programs we have done, and plan to do more, but we have not become members (yet). So far we have just paid the small supplemental fee for non-members. But now we are considering one of their full-week walking holidays in Italy for next year, so maybe we should re-consider joining.

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I have been a member of HF Holidays since my first holiday with them in 1986. Not only do you get a reduction on your tour price but you get 10% of your bar meals.

I was at their Derwent Bank House on the shores of Derwentwater recently and a great time. As I now walk with a large all terrain rollator I no longer participate in the guided walks but enjoy doing my own walks that I have developed. It’s good to have company at meals and during evening activities.

Whilst I was there there were people doing their own thing like me and people doing the guided walks which included a US tour group. People were very sociable at meals so as a single guest I got to talk to many different people.

The food is good with a number of choices for your breakfast, packed lunch and evening dinner. In your room you have the menus for the week. Each evening you fill in a card ticking what you want for the next day in your packed lunch ( lots of choices) and your choice for the evening dinner (many choices).

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So much for proof reading it should read, “10% of your bar bills”.

I’ve only ever done holidays in the U.K.

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Thank you for the replies, and I am glad to read more good reviews of HF Holidays. I am particularly glad to see the good review of Derwent Bank. I am wanting the advance notification for that location because I want to do one of their 7-day Northern Lake sightseeing tours next year. I was going to wait to join until after my first tour to see how it went, but I think I will go ahead and do it now. Thanks again, and maybe I will run into you guys on the trails.

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Fun fact- When you go to Derwent Bank and see how quiet Portinscale is and how narrow the roads are you'll find it hard to believe that the A66 main road used to go through the village until a flood in 1954 washed the bridge away. If you walk to Keswick now you will cross the "temporary" foot bridge which was installed after the flood.
Braithwaite, the next village along, with an arguably even tighter road, also used to be on the A66.
The current highway is largely built on the trackbed of a closed railway line.