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Help with transportation from London to Dublin

We'll be in London for 4 days, we check out of our hotel on a Friday and then we fly back to the US out of Dublin on Saturday. Right now we have no hotel in either London or Dublin for Friday night and no flight or ferry/train booked from London back to Dublin. Is it better to fly back to Dublin on Friday night and stay at a hotel in Dublin near the airport? Or, is it possible to take the train/ferry from London to Dublin and go directly to the airport without having to stay at a hotel on Friday night? Thoughts?

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Check this website to see all your transportation options:

I'd fly to Dublin on Friday morning, then you can enjoy a few hours there, instead of rushing on Saturday.

Flying from London to Dublin will take 3.5 - 4 hours vs 8.5- 13 hours via train/ferry combination.

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The train / ferry option takes approximately 7 hours at best and often 8 so I doubt this would be practical for you on the day, and would take up most of your Friday - but that is up to you.

London to Dublin is one of the most intensive air routes in the world, served by four airlines to various airports around London. My suggestion would be to fly from the most convenient one to where you are staying. Dublin Airport is not far from the city so stay there sample it for a few hours, then go to the airport in the morning.

As it is a Friday there will be a lot of people travelling home for the weekend, which will probably make morning flights the cheaper option.

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I was looking at ways to get from London to Dublin last year. I decided the train/ferry was too long, and not a lot different the cost of the flight. I opted to fly early morning and have the full day to spend in Dublin.

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I too vote fly, we flew Ryanair to Dublin and it was great. I would stay in Dublin, enjoy it for the day( try and get early flight on Friday)!