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Help with itinerary

we will be in London for 2 full days plus arrival day (landing around noon).

Arrival day:
Leave hotel by 6:30pm. Go Trafalgar square, Piccadilly circus, dinner

Day 1 : (Sunday) (start around 9am)
Tower of London( tour), Tower Bridge, London bridge , Borough market, St Paul Cathedral from outside as it will be closed on Sunday, Houses of Parliament (from outside), River Cruise

Day 2: Monday (start around 9am)
Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Change of Guard, Lunch, Westminster Abbey(tour) around 2pm, London eye in evening and walk around Thames

two attractions that i am not able to fit in are St Paul Cathedral and Churchill War rooms.

My questions are:
1) is this doable without hurrying too much.

2) any modifications that can be done to accommodate for St Paul Cathedral and Churchill war rooms.
3) any other must see museum?

Thanks in advance

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Day 1. Borough Market is closed Sundays. London Bridge isn’t worth seeing. The rest of the day is doable.

Day 2. Personally, I would drop the Changing of the Guard. You probably still don’t have time for the Churchill War Rooms.

You don’t have much time to add any museums. You may have time for something on your arrival day if you aren’t too tired. The National Gallery or the National Portrait Gallery are in Trafalgar Square.

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St Paul is open for guests attending Evensong on Sundays at 3:15-4:15, if that is of interest. Unless the service is changed/cancelled on your particular Sunday.

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Changing of the Guard is not worth the time. You have to arrive very early, stand for a long time, and run the risk of not really understanding what is being said and what is going on. Skip it in favor of the Cabinet War Rooms (CWR) in the morning. About all you will have time for that morning is the Cabinet War Rooms and maybe a walk by the palace and through St. James’ Park, which is closer to both the CWR and Westminster Abbey where you have the 2 pm tour.

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Personally, I would prefer Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, to the War Rooms, but with such a short trip you will have to decide what interests YOU, not us.

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Tower of London opens at 9 during the week, but on Sunday it doesn't open until 10:00.

Consider Horse Guards Parade to see the changing of the horse guard. Silver breastplates and horses, too. Much better spectacle and much smaller crowds than Buckingham Palace changing of the guard. Overwhelming crowds there and unless you are there very early you won't see anything.

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St Pauls Cathedral has two morning services most Sundays as well the Evensong. Not open for sightseeing but you can be inside and admire the archietecture, and enjoy the service.

Some of the best bells in the world, rung by some of the best bellringers in the world, ring changes for 30 minutes prior to each Sunday service.