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Help for a Golf Widow in South East England

My husband is planning to golf at Royal St. George's in Sandwich during our trip to England this summer. My daughter and I do not golf, so we will be needing some place to hang out for 4-5 hours while he plays. (The last time he did this, we were in Dornoch on a Sunday, and there were only 2 open stores in town - an ice cream place and a small art gallery... not enough to burn 4 hours...) I do not drive well in England, so he will need to drop us off someplace and pick us up later. We are early in the planning stages of this trip so we will be open to all suggestions.

Mainly, looking for some picturesque places with good shopping opportunities to bide our time for the day. If anyone can suggest some fun places around Sandwich that could occupy us for a while, that would be GREAT! Thanks~

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Well Linda Sandwich itself is a quaint little village plenty of little antique shops, cafes for a coffee and people watching. If you want to go further afield there is a bus service,one an hour to Ramsgate, not really recommended, but you can another bus for the short ride into Broadstairs, again small shops cafes, Charles Dickens House museum and a nice walk along cliff tops. If you can be dropped of in Broadstairs that would a good plan.

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Thanks! Just as I was researching this area, my husband decided that Sandwich really isn't in the direction of a lot of other things we have in mind... Now he is thinking of Southport area, and golfing at Royal Birkdale! I think there is an amusement park relatively closeby that my daughter will enjoy. Thanks for your suggestions though (just in case he changes his mind again!)~