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Heathrow to Victoria Station

Next week my wife and I fly into Heathrow with max carry-on luggage. What is the best way to Victoria Station? What I have seen so far is Paddington, then Victoria Station. Our hotel is only a couple blocks from Victoria Station, on Hugh Street.

BTW, how much of a hassle is it on trains with carry-on luggage?

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When you say "max carry-on luggage" do you mean only carry-on luggage? I traveled last year in London with a small rolling bag, a tote bag that slid over the top of the luggage handle and a small cross body. Easy-peasy everywhere! The only problem I ever had on the tube was when I encountered an escalator closed due to an earlier pedestrian user accident. I uncoupled the bags, took a deep breath, and hauled it all to the top of a very long flight of stairs. Okay, maybe with a little bit of help from the guy behind me when I began to lose my grip! He thought nothing of helping -- we were a huge mass of humanity all trying to navigate the stairs. Anyway, loads of people in London with small wheely bags. Quite normal.

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raive can you be more specific by what you mean about how much luggage you have please?

If it is only simple carry on then the cheapest and probably fastest way is Piccadilly to Hammersmith cross platform to District to Victoria.

But please clarify what you are carrying/lugging.


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Nigel is referring to a Tube ride, which requires just one connection and is much cheaper than the trains into Paddington. When you board the Tube at the airport, it will be empty, with plenty of room for luggage, so you only have to "wrestle" your luggage at the connection point, which will be more crowded, and may or not include stairs, depending on the station.

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The Tube connection Nigel mentioned is one of the easiest, Take the Piccadilly Line (Not the Heathrow Express to Paddington) to Hammersmith Station, walk 20 ft or so to the other side of the platform and catch the next District line train to Victoria station.

If luggage will be an issue and your ability to drag it limited, you might consider taking the bus, There is a National Express bus that goes to Victoria Coach Station, a couple blocks from the train station. For the bus, you may be able to get some help loading and unloading bags and no steps.

Both options have more info here:

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If you decide to use to the tube to get to Victoria Station keep in mind that there are no elevators or escalators there. Two years ago I learned this the hard way: had to haul about 60 pounds of luggage up the stairs. When I asked about this a few months ago some folks, maybe it was Nigel, suggested that I get off at Green Park (I think that is the name) or Westminster tube station which are at surface level and take a bus or cab or walk the distance to my "hotel" in Victoria.

Have a good trip.


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I flew to London with a wheeled duffel bag that was just under the dimension limits for check in luggage plus I had a smaller duffel bag that just met the dimension limits for carry-on luggage. All together about 60 pounds of stuff. When in London the smaller duffel bag was bungee corded on top of the wheeled bag. I landed in mid day and has no problems with taking the tube from Heathrow to Victoria EXCEPT I had to stand most of the way to prevent the two bags from tipping over (ie, the center of gravity of the two linked bags was high so the load was easy to tip over if one was not paying attention).

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Carry on will be a 21" rolling bag each, wife carring a somewhat smaller bag , a notebook computer bag(myself), and a bag with a CPAP(size of a medium purse). So it sounds like I'll be OK.

I have read that the tube is slower, but less expensive, than the much slower? I will arrive at 8:00AM at Heathrow, if the flight is on time. Is after mid-morning a good time to take the tube?

Good to hear that I will not stand out with my rolling bags..

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We too have to travel from Heathrow to Victoria station early in the morning on a Wednesday in July. I read a coach bus might be a good option, especially each of us (6 people) will have a big check-in luggage and a tote/handbag. Has anyone taken a coach bus from Heathrow to Victoria station?

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We used the bus to get into London some years ago. It was easy and pleasant, and nice to up above ground. Back then (1998) it was a double-decker and we rode in front on the upper level for a great view. I don't remember what we did with luggage but it was not a problem.

These days, we use the 'Duo Saver" ticket for two traveling together to get a good price on the Heathrow Express. It only works if you are also returning to Heathrow to fly out, as it is a return ticket. £50 for two for a round-trip ticket ( return must be within a month), making it £12.50 pp each way. More than the Tube, but much less than full,price, and very comfortable and easy. At Paddington we take a cab to our hotel unless we have booked one right there (Hotel Indigo).

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Back in 1998 there were regular dedicated air bus routes in London. They have long gone (*). What remains are National Express routes that take in Heathrow on their long distance routes. They aren't dedicated to the airport,and because of the disparate end points will run an irregular schedule. Having said all that, if you are going to the Victoria area and fit into your times they can be a good choice from the Heathrow Central area.

(*) technically the A10 to Uxbridge remains.