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Heathrow to St. James A Taj Hotel

We are schedule to land at Heathrow on April 29th, 10:40 am, terminal 3 (?). We will have 2 pieces of checked luggage and 2 small personal bags (backpacks) We'd like transportation that is easy to carry this luggage on either because there are racks or because the line will not be crowded. We don't mind spending an extra 15-20 minutes or a few extra bucks if it makes it a more convenient trip for us. Although I am a little confused about the tube vs trains vs express lines I think we can manage and it looks like all the choices require 1 change.. My question for the experts (who have been so helpful) is which line is better, the Elizabeth Line, the Heathrow Express or the National Express?

Thanks in advance

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Your hotel is a 6 minute walk from Victoria station. Cardinal place is the recommended exit from the station.
I’d take Picadilly Line to Green Park and transfer to Victoria line. You will have plenty of room to get situated with your luggage at Heathrow. You only going a short distance after you transfer and I don’t see your luggage being a big issue.
Lots of people have luggage with them on the tube.

You can use your city mapper app in advance to find routings on public transport. Go to settings, select London, and put in starting points and ending points to get an idea of the different routes.