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Heathrow to Salisbury

Do all trains from Heathrow just go to Paddington Station? Can I travel by rail from Heathrow to Salisbury, or would it be Heathrow Express to Paddington, to Waterloo, and then the train to Salisbury?
Thank you for your help!

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Heathrow Express is a means of travel to and from Heathrow Airport to Paddington station. 15 minute ride each way. Costly ticket. Book early, at least 3 months ahead.

If You want to go to Salisbury take a train from Waterloo Station. Its an about an hour and half ride.

If you don’t mind changing Underground trains you could take the Piccadilly Line to Green Park then take a Jubilee Line train to Waterloo.

If this is first trip to London I’d book the Heathrow Express ( book now ), go to Paddington, exit train and follow passengers to the Underground entrance. Well marked. Look for the Jubilee Line to Waterloo. There is signage showing each trains stops.

Remember you’ll need an Oyster card or a tap debit or credit card to use Underground and Overground trains, and city buses. There are machines at Paddington where you can obtain Oyster cards.

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What about taking the coach (National Express) or a taxi to Reading, and catching the train there? Going into the city to turn around and go the other direction seems like a waste of a few hours.

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The only day of the week when there are direct trains from Reading to Salisbury is on a Sunday (*)

The normal public transport route would be a bus to Woking and the train from there.

(*) apart from one around 23:00 at night

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one more question- would you buy the tickets for the bus and train in advance or just at the stations?
Thank you, Deborah

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Not a service I have used recently so things may have changed. You can buy through tickets from 'Heathrow Bus', although it may be cheaper sometimes to buy the bus and train separately. Check for up to date details (Guildford service)