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Heathrow to Pimlico

I need to get to Pimlico station from Heathrow. Can someone tell me the easiest way to get there taking the Tube? I will have luggage with me and I'm trying to avoid stairs, if possible. Thanks for your help!

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Hi csharris582:

I visited London in 2012. My hotel was between the Victoria and Pimlico tube stations. I guessed that Pimlico would not be as crowded as Victoria so I decided to use that as my endpoint for my first ride on the tube. When I got there I was horrified to see that there were only steps to get out of the underground station. A kindly transportation worker help me bring my 50+ pound load of luggage up the stairs.

Guidebook that lists all of the tube stations which have lifts (elevators), escalators, and ramps that will bring you from the station to the street level. As you can see both Pimlico and Victoria are not listed.

If I was relying to the tube to get to my hotel in Pimlico I would take the subway to Green Park and get off and take a taxi or walk to my destination. Or I might take the blue line (don't recall the line's name but it might be Victoria) to Vauxhall and walk to Pimlico.


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Take the Piccadilly Line from Heathrow to Green Park, change to the Victoria Line take it to Pimlico.

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Victoria underground station will have step free access from platform to street ... but sadly for you not until 2018.

Pimlico station is a monument to the thinking (or lack of it) concerning accessibility still prevalent in the 1970s.

As Emma said your convenience will be a trade-off, especially since buses aren't always good for luggage space. If where you are actually going is convenient for Victoria Coach Station you also have that as a means of transport from Heathrow.

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Yes, if you are truly desperate to avoid stairs completely, take a coach from Heathrow Airport to Victoria Coach station, but be prepared for heavy traffic delays.

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Thank you all! It sounds like going to Green Park and transferring to get Pimlico is a good option. It sounds like Green Park station has lifts, too.

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While google maps is pretty good at directions, nothing beats the Transport for London web site ( In fact, this travel planner is plenty of reason to get a local pay-as-you-go SIM for your smart phone.

Good luck and happy travels.