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Heathrow to Paddington

We'll be arriving at Heathrow around 9:30 am on a weekday and need to get to Paddington.
Suggestions on the best/quickest/cheapest way to do that?

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Cheapest is the tube, followed by Heathrow Connect and then finally,( and I think fastest) is Heathrow Express. By the time you get through immigration, you should be able to avoid rush hour commuters. If you get tickets online ahead of time, you can get some great deals on Heathrow Express, which pulls right into Paddington Station.

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The tube is cheapest, of course. But it takes over a hour, and involves at least one (possibly two) changes.
Your best bet is Heathrow Express. It costs about $35, but only takes 15 minutes. If you buy your tickets online in advance, tickets are about half price.

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I'm being redundant. Cheapest is the hour tube ride and you will need to change trains at least once.
IMHO the most convenient is the pricey HEATHROW EXPRESS. Tickets on line if booked in advance can cut the cost significantly. You aren't traveling as far as I do ( from the West Coast) but when I land and have gone through immigration I want to get into the city ASAP. Its why I flew for hours and hours. The trains are clean, quick and you'll love exiting the train into the cavernous and impressive Paddington Station. Budget in advance and you'll be pleased you chose the Express. Enjoy London!

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Thanks all, sounds like Heathrow express is the way to go.

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If you are still 30 days out from your travel date, you will save by booking your tickets now--print them out at home.

If there are two of you and you will be going back to Heathrow within 30 days of your first trip, it is a bit cheaper to buy the DuoSaver Ticket for £50. It covers 4 trips---one for each of you in each direction, at £12.50 each.

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Thanks again everyone for the helpful info on the Heathrow express.
FYI, I went on line and with discounts for on line ordering, ordering for 4
of us on one ticket and ordering 90 days in advance we are paying
48.40 pounds for all 4 of us instead of paying 38 pounds each buying
them in Heathrow!!! Huge savings!

Thanks !

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Next week we are going to use "Just Airports" car service.

For cash payment they will transport 2 people from Heathrow to our B&B in South Kensington for 36 GBP.
Reviews are good, this should be more convenient than Heathrow Express since we will not need a taxis from Paddington Station to our B&B.

We have booked an "Estate" size car (next to the smallest). Fare depends on whether you use a credit card and size of car.